Random Act Of Kindness #1

So I was in NTUC paying for three cartons of pudding and a packet of Cadbury chocolates when something horrendous happened.

The cashier said to me, “$10.25″

It’s bad because:
a) I only had 10 bucks on my pocket.
b) I couldn’t believe I could blow off that much money in a single trip for junk food.

I gave her that, ‘oh my gosh I’m so sorry’ face, and she immediately knew I didn’t have the cash.
Then to my surprise, this old man who was watching by the counter came up and said in Chinese, ” Aiyo, it’s only 25 cents,” and to my horror he started digging into his own pocket.
I cried out to him,”NO NO UNCLE!!!, it’s okay! It’s okay!” Was he actually going to pay for me?? I mean seriously???
And I took out one carton of that stupid overpriced pudding.
And I said to the cashier, “I’ll return this back then.” she smiled and did something with the cash register thingy.
And to my horror again this old man said,”come, I help you put it back,” and I was like, “NO NO!! Uncle let me do it it’s okay!!!”
But he went on ahead anyway and took the pudding while I was stuck there at the cashier returning my purchase and paying up for my stupid junk.
I felt so guilty. I mean this guy’s really, really old! Helping a young person like me?! But I felt really warm and happy too, because it’s just something that’ll make anyone happy, a simple kind act, although inappropriate since I didn’t deserve it at all, it still felt nice to know that there are people out there so willing to offer help.
So I grabbed my stuff after paying and followed him, crying out, “uncle, uncle!”
And there were people staring but, what the heck.
And I saw him placing my stupid carton of pudding onto the shelf, and I tapped him on the shoulder and said in my best, gratitude voice, “Thank you ah, uncle!”
And I did an awkward bowing thing and he smiled and said, “Aiyoh, 25 cents only!” and I laughed.

Seeing how someone else’s simple, random act of kindness made my day, I’m going to try my best as well, you know, to make someone else’s day too! And this uncle is my new found role model.


Why Music Rocks! (Pun Intended)

Instant superstardom!

Don’t you think it’s fascinating? How a bunch of sound waves coming together can make so many people feel and do so many great things? I had a really great time tonight, I mean, who gets to watch your friend start singing with a random (but awfully kind) busker just out of nowhere?

As my friend Elmer said, “Sometimes, it’s the simpler things in life that make you happy.”
If this wasn’t simple and happy, I don’t know what is.
Today I was blessed enough to have come across Woody, a great singer and guitarist, who stood outside a mall strumming away on his guitar singing songs from the eighties. He had a tip box placed right on top of his Amp, and there wasn’t much of a crowd at first, with people just passing by without even giving him a second glance.

I’m glad we did. We stood there eating Ice cream, and Woody dedicated a song to us, for standing there for such a long time just listening to him (“This song goes to my young friends over there,” he said, pointing out to us.) As we stood there licking away our Ice creams, he invited my friend Elmer to come sing along with him (oh Elmer was incredibly enthusiastic about it and I bet Woody could tell). So Woody stepped aside and let Elmer take the mic, and it was, as Darren put it, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

It’s just so COOL!!! As in really, really, mind-blowingly cool. Well, maybe this happens all the time in other countries, but in Singapore, YOU DON’T JUST GO UP TO SOME RANDOM BUSKER AND SING WITH HIM! (Today is International All caps day by the way!) It’s sort of like a social thing here, you don’t stand out, you don’t just do stuff like that. But I’m glad he had the courage to sing in front of so many strangers just like that. If it weren’t for him, No one else would have gone up to sing with Woody too. We would all have just walked past without giving him a second thought and we would have just continued on with our everyday lives like nothing happened. Isn’t it cool? It’s like we started some trend of going up to random strangers and singing with them! Another guy from my church sang along with Woody’s guitar as Woody went on to take a break (or a smoke, to be more exact.) He sounded really great too! and more and more people came to watch and even gave tips! Hah!

Then some other really pretty stranger walked up to him (after his break) and she broke into a really awesome Adele song. She nailed it, right on. I mean, who knew we had such talents in such a normal crowd? People always say Singapore is talentless and Singaporeans are all boring and stuff. I used to think that too. Well, Looks like I had my faith in our society restored. We aren’t like that at all, It’s just that we don’t show it. Deep down, I’m sure we’re all party animals just waiting for the cue (in this case, Elmer’s singing) to explode. I mean, tonight was the first time in my life i’ve seen that many people crowd around a busker. People just don’t see this sort of thing happening, the place just flooded with curious strangers just wanting to have a good time.

Music rocks because it can make anyone feel happy, ecstatic, in Elmer’s case. It can make children, and teens, and Old dudes from the eighties just feel a lot happier, cheerier. I bet all of the people in the crowd that night went home feeling at least, a little bit better.

Music rocks because it gives courage to people, a chance to step out of your comfort zone.

Music rocks because it’s a really great way of putting across emotions, I mean, that guy, Woody, had so much emotion in his voice I just couldn’t walk away after hearing him sing.

Music rocks because it can give anyone a great time, I had an awesome time with my friends, Elmer, Darren and Jairia tonight! REALLY REALLY AWESOME.

Music rocks because it can bring total, complete strangers together just like that. And there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing that happen, right in front of your very eyes.

Music is one downright incredible thing that God gave to us humans, I mean without it, life would be so dull I don’t even know what I’d do.

WOODY’S SONG LIST (or at least what I remember)

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz (Ft. Elmer)

Desperado by Eagles

(They Long to be) Close to You by the carpenters

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

How deep is Your Love by Bee Gees (Song request!)

Fly me to the moon (MY FAVOURITE SONG!)

Someone like you by Adele (Ft. pretty stranger)

Daniel by Elton John (A song for the other guy who sang with his guitar, Daniel LOL)

If you’re happy and you know it



P.s.s. thanks for correcting me on spelling Darren!!

God Has a Plan!

Psalm 32:8

I had a plan for my life. It was perfect, and I knew exactly what I wanted in life, and where I would go. I thought out every single detail! And I felt great knowing exactly where I was going.

Since young, I’d always wanted to be a travel journalist. I mean, can you imagine just traveling around the world, seeing things, penning down your experiences and thoughts, and getting paid for that? I’d imagine walking down the streets of paris in a traveller’s coat , hearing foreign talk fill the air, smelling the food from nearby bistros…excitement everyday.

So I decided that I would go for a mass communication diploma, because I loved writing, and I thought that was what I should be doing. I stuck to it all the way, through secondary school, taking part in video and writing competitions for my portfolio. Every thing I did was all just for that path, I never thought about anything else, because I was just SO SURE OF MYSELF. And just when I was about to apply for a DPA (Direct Poly Admission), it all came crumbling down in a sudden realisation.

Thing is, I’ve changed. Well, to be more exact, God’s changed me, a lot. I’m not the person I used to be as a child. The child me didn’t know anything about God, didn’t even care about the part that he should be playing in my life. She only thought about herself, and what the world would count as a success. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a success based on worldly definitions? A high-flying, top-notch career as a journalist, traveling around the world was like the perfect future that I’d imagine myself to have (Big dreams for a primary school kid, huh?).

But anyway, I changed. And even though I was a changed person, I still stupidly stuck to that same, old plan, because I was just so firmly grounded in it and I trusted that it was my future. I didn’t base my decision on God, I based it on my own, selfish desires. That was why I started to feel strained this year. My final year in secondary school. I felt tired writing stuff I didn’t care about. I forced myself to continue trying to love something that I didn’t anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love writing, it’s the whole reason why I started writing this blog. But I just realised that in the future, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that i’d be able to write things that would bring God some form of glory. I mean, you know the media now, and how warped it is. Travel writing? Pah, it was all just me wanting a fun, exciting job where you get paid holidays as long as you write about it. I didn’t realise how selfish those things are! I mean, I’m not saying travel writing is bad, it’s great, if you’re doing it for the right reasons, like, the ability to bring someone to a whole other country in the comfortable form of a book, or helping someone relax, feel happier.

But I was doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Last year, I was at a church camp, well, let me just type down everything I wrote in my quiet time journal:

16/12/12 youth camp day 2 (12:11pm)

A woman took me by the hands and told me to hold it up as if I were about to receive something. She prayed, and then she told me that God was giving me a gift, a present, that was yet to be unwrapped. And she told me that she didn’t know what was inside the box, and she told me that God would reveal it to me soon. 

God, tell me what’s in it! Somehow, I think I’d ruin it for myself if I tore it open my own way. God, I pray that I’ll be prepared and sensitive enough to receive it. I also pray that the devil won’t tempt me to doubt what’s inside or if it even exists. Because, God, gifts that you give, you never take back.

19/12/12 (10:56pm)

Dear God, I got that gift you promised! Sister Andrea came to pray for me during the third service night at camp. I only managed to remember the important bits she said…I had to repeat her words over and over again in my head for that to happen!

She told me (through that cool prophetic act thing pastor was talking about that night) that I had a soft spot in my heart for the underdogs. The people most people would ignore and not notice at all. The people others would ridicule as small-fry, or insignificant. Something clicked then, in my head, AND in my heart. She prayed that I’d be filled with compassion.

I realised that there are so many things that go on that a lot of people don’t notice. Help that is needed but yet not heard kinda things. If I hadn’t received that gift, I’d have probably ignored all of these things and just be more concerned about myself. (Because that’s the kind of person I used to be before God changed me)

God, I pray that your Holy spirit will be with me, and that I can be your light that shines on this Earth. I can lead people to you, as pastor said: Christians are meant to be a window to heaven, a glimpse to others about what Heaven would be like. I think that’s really, really cool.

It was only this year that I took all those things that I’d written down so very long ago into thought. It was only this year that I actually applied those words into my decision making. Only recently, I had a really big argument with my Dad about the future, and I’m glad God made him question myself about where I was going.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I mean like I still don’t know what you are going to do after you do this mass communication diploma. What do you want to do?” My Dad said in his really firm, scary voice that made me keep quiet. What was I really going to do? Get a job in mediacorp? Get stuck writing articles that force me to write things I would never write about? Get pushed around doing things that don’t serve a purpose for God’s plan? Get myself into a gossip magazine column just because I couldn’t find any other well-paid positions? I don’t want that at all. I just wanted to write things that I could, and best of all things that would please God! I don’t see how that fits into the media structure today.

I thought a lot about it. That night, my dad really shook my whole confidence in this writing thing. For the first time in years, I went online to search for things that didn’t concern journalism or writing. And I came across this diploma course in psychology.

Social work.

I had actually thought about this waaaaay back in primary school, but threw the whole idea away, because I was selfish and stupid and knew that the job wasn’t really respected and it didn’t pay well. I also thought about being a councellor, but back then I told myself, “Do I really want to spend all my time hearing about other people’s problems? I mean, i’ve got problems of my own!” (I still can’t believe how much of a nincompoop I was as a child)

But God changed my priorities really drastically as I grew to know him more. I started putting myself last. And I knew, from the bottom of my heart that I’m just not a media person. I’m less outgoing now, I used to love attention, but now I absolutely hate the limelight. I used to be a complete show off, but now, I can’t even put my thoughts out to someone confidently. The person I am now just wasn’t meant for that kind of industry. I knew I’d fail horribly in trying to fit in with people there, well most of them, because they are all quite a confident bunch, not afraid to express themselves and their ideas. They all stand out, and I admire that about them, but it’s just…not me. I’m kinda liking the shadows more and more, being backstage and all.

So now, I’ve opened up my mind a little. This time, I’ll let God have the opportunity to work in my life. I’ve given it up all to him, and I won’t limit myself this time. I won’t say that there’s only one path I should go to. Instead, I’ve decided to accept anything that God leads me to instead of pushing him away like a whiny baby screaming, “Oh no, not that God, please just not that!” I’ll let him do that job. Because he knows what’s best for me.

I’ve hung onto this verse for quite some time, and if you, whoever you are, coincidentally (or not) find yourself in the same situation as I am in, well, I think this will help a lot.

Psalm 32:8  The Lord says, “I will guide you down the best pathway for your life. I will advice you, and watch over you.”

These words have given me great comfort. And I hope they bring you peace as well.

Although I’m quite interested in being a social worker, and I’m kinda leaning in onto that path for me because I believe God led me to it in my heart, I’m still keeping my mind open for anything else that God might bring me to do. Because God has a plan, thought out in great detail and love just for me. And he has one for you too!

Moral of story.

Here are 3 things that I’ve learnt from this awesome journey:

1) Don’t pin your own expectations on God, have faith in him instead. That he has the best planned out for for you. So don’t be disappointed when things don’t turn out the way you thought it should! Don’t play God, let God do that for you.

Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

This verse tells us not to put our trust in anything other than God. For everything else, You’ll constantly have anxiety because you know that there’s always something out there that’s better than whatever you are placing your trust in at the moment, and you’ll be constantly switching and changing the things you trust in. Instead, why not trust in God? Because there is no force that can ever displace GOD. so you have peace if you place your trust in a never changing, almighty God, creator of the heavens and the universe, and of course, YOU.

2) Do your best In everything that you do, and ask the Holy Spirit for the strength to do so. Don’t waste any of God’s opportunities for you just because of your own pure laziness!

3) Most importantly, PRAY! for constant guidance, support and faith in him. That you’ll be sensitive enough to the Holy spirit and see that road when it pops up out of nowhere. Don’t worry, if you put your faith in him, He’ll MAKE SURE you’ll see it when it comes.

Boy, this was one heck of a long post, but it’s basically part of my whole life story! I hope, whoever you are, that you’ve learned something from the mistakes that I’ve made. I just wanna end off by saying, don’t worry so much! because God’s plan for you is greater than anything you can ever imagine 😀

To Infinity … And Beyond!


So I had to do some art Homework just now and I got a few books on Astronomy. Personally, I LOVE looking at pictures of the infinite skies. I mean, It’s just so beautiful and amazing, and when I watch Discovery Channel’s ‘The Universe’, I’ll just lie on my sofa and sigh in awe. seriously! I’d spend like afternoons lying there for 2 hours, just watching the whole program.

Don’t you think it’s amazing how BIG this universe is? And how much there is out there that we don’t know at all? Life gets boring sometimes when you already know almost everything there is to know about our world, with the advancement of science and all. So it’s fun when something new pops up, or if some new discovery is made.

I wish I lived in some remote farm somewhere, instead of this crazy bright city with so many road lights, that no one ever gets lost here. Then i’ll be able to set up a hammock by two trees, and watch the stars light up at night. It’s magical just thinking about seeing how far away these things are. It makes me think about us, and the world we live in, and how small our problems are, compared to the vastness of the universe. I have that strange feeling all the time when I finish watching an episode of The Universe. Life just seems so much bigger when you think about the galaxies, and the stars and the never ending-ness of the blackness out there.

I’ve only ever seen a sky full of stars on a trip to Bintan a long, long time ago. I remember walking along the beach with my parents, and I was really tired and everything from touring, so I was actually quite reluctant. But when the hotel lights disappeared completely from view and when I couldn’t make out which part of the blackness in front of me was the sky, and which part was the sea, I remember just staring with my mouth wide open in shock at the sky above me. I’d never known all my life that there were that many stars above me all along. It was just that I couldn’t see them in the first place. It was so dark out there, but that was the brightest I’d ever seen the stars to be.

Man, I really want to see those stars again. Oh yes, and shooting stars! I saw my first shooting star there too, and it was really magical. Like as if a star was coming down to Earth for people to make wishes, and I wondered where they landed, and what I’d find if I went to the landing site of the star. I thought it’d be some big sparkly diamond.

Did you know that if you, puny Earthling were to go to venus, you would be burnt alive, crushed by the atmosphere, suffocated by the carbon dioxide, and finally poisoned and corroded by the clouds of sulfuric acid? Talk about harsh. I really realised how special God made the Earth to be, just for us.

Also, Halley’s Comet visits Earth every 79 years! Which means the only chance I’ll ever get to witness something like that ever again would be when I become some 64 year old grandma. I’m going to put that on my bucket list for sure.

I just love the idea of space. Outer space that is. Anything that is yet to be discovered, out there, lurking in the darkness, hiding behind gazillions of stars and Nebulae and pulsars and Quasars and black holes. And also how it never ends. I think I must have read all the astronomy books in the children’s section when I was younger. Really! I was that much of a nerd, I spent the whole day in there with my notebook taking notes on Jupiter’s moons.

well, I should be getting back to my art homework now, I’ll leave you with an awesome video of the night sky:D


He’s not that creepy after all!

I have this one neighbour who creeps me out all the time. He’s middle-aged, lives alone as far as I know, and he NEVER smiles. I mean, really, at least I’ve never seen him smile and I’ve seen him plenty of times since he hangs about all day near the residence. I don’t think he works because he’s always around during typical adult work hours and he’s always in shorts and a shirt. The way he looks at people, it’s just scary. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that his eyes are like really big, and I’ve never heard him speak before, or talk to any of the other neighbours. Maybe it’s just our block because we’re a pretty quiet bunch and we don’t talk much, but at least the other have talked to me before once or twice when they see me. 

     I guess I’m judgmental like that. Which is why I wrote my last post, because I really wanted to change this whole part of me, Judging a person before you even get to know his or her situation and stuff. I mean, I see this guy with tattoos plastered all over his skin and rockin’ a funky hairstyle and I immediately think he’s bad. Like how some people have that bad-guy looking rough/fierce face, and I judge them because of it. I really should stop this. Because it doesn’t give me an opportunity to really get to know someone for who they are on the inside. Or it could go the other way round, where this angelic looking face leads me to some death trap or something.

      So anyway, about that neighbour. Well, I went for a ride with my old bike today and when I came back, there he was, coming out of the lift. I was like, oh no, not another awkward lift sharing situation again! So I looked down straight at the floor and passed him quietly into the lift dragging my heavy bike along with me, and I was really quite astounded to see him holding onto the lift button for me. Okay, maybe not astounded. Because I’ve seen him do this quite a few times for the other neighbours too, but it just never really measured up to much in my mind until today. He’s not creepy. He looks creepy. But deep down, I’m sure he’s a really nice, caring person who just looks fierce. So I’m going to try and smile next time, instead of ignoring him. I’m going to try to support my local chivalry (thank you messy mondays for teaching me that phrase!) 

The one in the mirror

Today I watched a really interesting video by Dove, where they got a pair of girls on camera and asked them questions like, what do you like about yourself? Most of the girls couldn’t come up with anything, but when asked on what they liked about their friend, they had like a whole long list of stuff to say.
“I love her hair”
“I want her legs”
“I wish I had her eyes, they’re so nice and big!”
I did this little experiment with my friend today and she did EXACTLY the same thing. She could come up with stuff she liked about me (blushing here) but when I asked her, ” so what do you like about yourself then?” all I got was a “Can we not talk about that?”
Why are we not content with the person we see in the mirror? I mean, I’m like that too! Everyone’s like that! Well, not unless you’re some freakishly out-of-this-world gorgeous person with the likes of Anne Hathaway. Why do we want sharper noses, or higher foreheads? Why do we want V shaped jawlines and bigger eyes? We do we want higher cheekbones and fuller lips? Who exactly are we trying to look like here? For all I see, that girl ain’t even human.
I have to admit I’m a victim of this whole perfect thing. The media tells us what we should be and what’s hot and what’s not. I used to love watching makeover transformations on TV. It’s cool when someone ordinary looking gets to look like a superstar overnight. It makes you think you’ve got a chance to look like that too. But then I realised, why do we all have to look a certain way to get approval? Why am I not happy with what God made me to be? He designed every single thing in great detail, just so that I would look like me and that no one else will ever have a face like mine. He did that for everyone, and yes that means you! So why are you trying to look like someone who already exists? Heck, some of us are trying to look like a girl that is’t even humanly real.
I’m not trying to offend any K-pop fans here, I mean, I genuinely think that the girls of Girls Generation all look amazing. The thing is… They all look exactly the same! Honestly, I can’t tell the difference between their faces. Yeah sure, they’re nice to look at and all but I feel sad for the special, unique faces that the world loses everyday when people decide to change them just so that they’d look ‘pretty’
What is pretty anyway? Who decides what’s hot and what’s not? Why do we even care so much about our physical attributes anyway? We spend hours everyday in front of the mirror getting a cake load of foundation onto our skin, reshaping our noses with that shading powder thing (what’s that called again? Bronzer or something? Forgive me on this one). Why do we spend so much time and effort trying to change the things that we CAN’T change (a.k.a. Our faces) when we could be spending all that time on things that we CAN change? Whatever happened to character? Goodness and kindness and compassion and patience and love? Oh love. Dont get me started. Oh yes, you might not agree with me on the whole, ‘appearance isn’t important’ idea because that’s exactly what the world judges you on
most. Yeah, the good-looking guys always get the girls, the hot superstars are the most popular, because in this world, appearance goes way ahead of talent or character. YES, I don’t deny that at all, but that really depends on the kind of attention that you want to receive. If you’re thinking of getting that special someone to pay more attention to you by changing your face, well, you’re doing it wrong.
That’s how your spouse loves you even when you get all old and soggy say, 50 years into the future, because character is eternal man, your beauty never runs out if it comes from the inside. That’s why we age, so we’ll really learn that what matters most are the things that don’t die and wither like grandma’s flabby arms. It’s what your heart is made of that makes that person love you inside out until the day we go to heaven.
So I guess what I’m trying to prove here, and to myself is that we should all try looking beyond the mirror for a change, because the change you bring from your heart is so much more beautiful than the world can ever tell you to be.
So go on! Go be beautiful. It is actually possible you know.

The Rabbit Prince on the Moon


The Rabbit Prince lives on the moon, all by himself. Now, you may wonder what a rabbit would do all day long out on the moon. Well, he hops around all day on his two hind legs. His ears are long and droopy, and they flop up and down as he hops. He has soft, grey fur, matted dull by the dust of the moon, and the only thing that he owns is a crown. 

     The crown is a whole other thing. It is made of the finest, purest gold, and embedded into its surface are precious stones of all sorts of colours. The prince has no idea why he has it with him, or even the fact that he is a prince. He has no memory of who he is, and why he is there, or even his name. The prince lives in a small, comfy hole in a large, soft rock, where he lies his head to sleep at night. When he sees the sun, he gets up and wonders around, sniffing about and exploring, and when he travels far enough he might sleep somewhere else for a night or two, and he’ll watch the stars as they slowly fade away. This makes him feel all the more lonelier.

       “Why am I even here?” The Rabbit Prince asks the stars one night as he sits in his hole and sighs. “What am I supposed to do, really? There must be something I can do!” He looks at the crown, which he has placed in the deepest corner of the hole. It shines dimly, reflecting the light of the stars. All he could remember was waking up one night with a crown by his side, and he knew there must be more than that.

     He decided that he mustn’t waste more time and he dug the crown out of the corner with his paws and slung it around his shoulders, taking care not to scratch it. “I must go,” He said to the hole (for he had hardly anyone to talk to on the moon), “I must search, even though I have no idea what I’m searching for. At least I have something to do…goodbye, old hole, you have served me well.”

       And so the rabbit prince went on his journey in search of something, he didn’t know what it was, but he figured he’ll know when he finds it. He hops through valleys, and crosses mountains, he braves dark tunnels and cliffs, but he only ever comes across a large rock or two and nothing more. He goes on and on, resting when the stars come out and continuing when the sun comes back. And finally, on a day when the stars seemed to him particularly bright did he hear a faint cry.

      He stops in his tracks and he feels the fur on his ears prickle with fear. He sniffs the air and smells a strange, unfamiliar scent. He sniffs at the air again, and follows the scent, and the prince finds a cave hidden by one of those large rocks. He squeezes through a gap made by the large rock and gasps as he finds himself falling into black nothingness. 

   “H-help!” He frantically flops his ears, trying to grasp the air with his paws but he fell nonetheless, on his tail, rather painfully onto a hard, gravel surface.

    “Who’s there?” Echoes a voice in the darkness and the rabbit prince immediately springs onto his feet.

    “I-I don’t know who I am!” cries out the rabbit prince who sniffed the air again for that scent, it was stronger than ever, and he thought the voice quite pleasant to his ears, soft and gentle. “What are you?” He called out again when there was no reply.

    Instead, he saw a gentle flame in the distance, growing brighter and brighter, and he thought it was the sun coming to get him when he found himself rather surprised that it came from a white stick. And holding the white stick was a porcelain doll. The flame danced as a reflection across her black-button eyes, and she had a lovely green dress and flowing locks. Her face was slightly scratched, but remained beautiful, delicate and poised. The rabbit prince had never laid eyes on such a beauty as she was, not even the sun, or the stars. 

    “I know who you are, I’ve seen you before.” said the doll softly, bending down to take a closer look at the prince. The prince stood quite still, keeping his ears as straight as possible. “That is quite impossible, I’m afraid,” He said, “since I’ve never seen you at all. And I doubt I would forget a face like that of yours.”

    The doll laughed sadly. “Not you to be exact but I have seen a rabbit before, from where I come from,” the doll laid her eyes on the crown slung around his shoulders, “And oh, that is a crown, why, you should have mentioned you were a king, I would have bowed.”

    “A K-king?” He wondered out loud, “No, I very much doubt that I am that great.” 

    “Well, then what about a prince? A little rabbit prince.”

     “A prince!” cried the rabbit, “Oh I would love to be a prince, but how shall I ever find it true?” He held up the crown with his paws and saw his brown nose and whiskers reflected in its gold. 

    “You are not alone in finding truth as well, Mr. rabbit,” said the doll, sitting down gracefully onto the ground as she folded her skirt underneath her. She let the wax of the candle drip onto the rocks and she placed the candle firmly into the drop of wax. 

    “The Man on the Moon told me this was where the lost travel to. I was lost for a very, very long time Mr. rabbit, and I don’t even know who has lost me. The moon is the home for things like me, who have no purpose, no nothing. Now I wonder why you are here, Mr. rabbit when you have such a thing as a crown.”

    “This crown…” the prince held it tightly, his fur brushing against its warm gold, “it gives me a purpose does it not?”

The doll nodded sadly. “Why are you lost, Mr. rabbit when you shouldn’t be? You are not like the others I have met here on the moon. They do not ask for such a thing as a purpose. They do not wonder for more, nor do I, so to speak. I accept what I am now and there is no why to where I am, but for you, Mr. rabbit, your ‘Why’ is still yet to be found.”

     The prince stared at the face of the doll, “You speak of this Man on the Moon, who is he? and how does he know what he has told you, that you are lost?”

      “I do not question why I am lost, Mr. rabbit, but perhaps you can.” 

With that, the doll leads him by candlelight to the Man on the Moon, and along their path they came face to face with strange things that the prince had yet to see. An old woman, a book, a child in a basket, a broken clock, and many other things. And when they reached a door at the end of the dark tunnel, the doll knocked four times, before handing the prince her candle. 

    “You’ll be needing this, I think.” The doll smiled sadly again, turned around and left him alone to the darkness and the door. 


Okay, I think I’ll stop here for today, I gotta go finish up my math homework.

The adventure of a dream

People don’t realise it sometimes, but dreams are really important. They give us hope, and something to pursue in our everyday lives. But I read somewhere that it’s only when you turn your dreams into a goal, that it becomes real. I guess that’s true. Small, little steps, goals that will take you to your dream.

Everyone has dreams, right? It’s when you get all excited about the future. But the world has a thing for putting down dreams. Which is really kinda frustrating! I mean, people will tell you that you’re not good enough, or this dream won’t work, or some other guano, but really, no one can ever stop you from having a dream and you should stick to it no matter what. Because the people who are strong enough, disciplined enough, willing to do whatever it takes, these are the people who get their ‘dream came true’ ending.

I nearly gave up on my dream to write a story. You see, here in Singapore, NO one, ever, writes books. Nothing artsy fartsy ever is expected from a society like Singapore. When people ask me, “So, Rachel, what do you want to be in the future?” and I’ll say, “Oh, well, I was kinda thinking of being an author.”

They’d give me this look, which plainly says, “right…” and I know no one believes that I can ever do something like that. Hah, even you, whoever’s reading this might go, “Pah! and author? Who the hell does she think she is? No one’ll buy your books in Singapore!”

It really got to me. I wrote less and less, and it came from a point where I used to think about my story all the time to not even giving it a thought at all. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up on it yet. My characters are a part of me…somehow. It’s like all these different personalities I have, sorted out properly for once in my life. And the world that they live in is sort of like an escape, where I can create new things for them and myself to explore. And when my characters know more about themselves, so do I know more about myself.

But it’s on a hold, since I’ve got major exams this year, and my parents have been pretty much unsupportive of this whole writing thing. When they see me at my computer madly typing away, I know they think I’m being distracted and they’ll scream at me to go to my room and study. I remember one time when my Dad told me to set my priorities right, really, really fiercely, and I cried the whole night because to me, this story is everything that I am, I put so much time and work into it, I filled up stacks of notes, pages of ideas on the story. I spent hours just typing, days daydreaming, talking to my characters. It became a part of who I was. And that wasn’t something i could just throw away. No one will ever understand what it is like, unless you sacrifice so much for a dream, and when someone tells you that it’s stupid and useless, and that you’ve got better things you need to be doing, it hurts because you know they’re wrong.

I’m not saying that my parents aren’t supportive. They’re just more on the practical side. they’re adults. Adults don’t understand dreams. They think on the safe side, they are calculative, you know, like, I shouldn’t be spending so much time on this when I know it’s probably not going to be a success, kind of thoughts. I hope I never become one.

life is a merry-go-round, just not that merry

    My point is this. Don’t ever give up on your dream, whoever you are. And if you don’t have one, find one! Let yourself go on an adventure of a lifetime, and only let yourself go when you’ve tried EVERY thing that you possibly can do for that dream. Only then can you allow yourself to give up. And then you can go ahead and find another one.

On Being a Nobody!


    BOOHOO! I’m sure we’ve all felt like nothing at some point in our lives. It’s when no one seems to care, and when anything that you do doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Well, maybe except for popular people, I mean, they don’t EVER feel like that…do they? They seem to have everything, friends, people constantly wanting to chat them up all the time, a gazillion followers on twitter and instagram… compared to that, I think anyone would feel lesser of themselves.

    What makes you a nobody anyway? I hear this all the time in high school dramas, where the stereotypical blonde cheerleader comes up to you and says, “What gives you the right? You’re just a NOBODY!” Well, I can’t be a nobody, since I am someone. And you can’t be a nobody either. No one can. That’s Nobody’s business.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that popularity isn’t everything. People strive to be popular all the time, when it doesn’t really mean anything of your self worth. Popularity is what others think of you, and don’t ever let that have an effect on how you view yourself.

It’s not like I’m trying to be a saint or anything. I mean, I get messed up because of this nobody business all the time. I often find myself thinking, “I really have no right to talk to (insert really popular person’s name here), I mean, I’m just a Nobody!” or even stuff like, “Wow, she actually talked to me, and I’m just a nobody!” It really gets my confidence sometimes. Okay, maybe a lot. I’m not alone here, am I?

I think this is why understanding your self-worth is really important, especially when you get older, because that’s when you care more about what other people think. But, wait…hold on, why should we let other people decide what we are worth? Shouldn’t that job be up to…you? YOU ARE SPECIAL! YOU ARE AWESOME! as cheesy as it sounds, it holds truth. No one can be you but you. You’re a one-off God creation! If you don’t realise that anytime soon, well, let’s just say the world’s lost a great treasure that can never be replaced.