Random Act Of Kindness #1

So I was in NTUC paying for three cartons of pudding and a packet of Cadbury chocolates when something horrendous happened. The cashier said to me, “$10.25″ It’s bad because: a) I only had 10 bucks on my pocket. b) I couldn’t believe I could blow off that much money in a single trip for […]

The adventure of a dream

People don’t realise it sometimes, but dreams are really important. They give us hope, and something to pursue in our everyday lives. But I read somewhere that it’s only when you turn your dreams into a goal, that it becomes real. I guess that’s true. Small, little steps, goals that will take you to your […]

The First Thing

I know it’s completely unnecessary to have this since no one EVER reads the first post, but it just has to be there…right? Like how God created our universe, and the stars, this is just the beginning.