On Being a Nobody!


    BOOHOO! I’m sure we’ve all felt like nothing at some point in our lives. It’s when no one seems to care, and when anything that you do doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Well, maybe except for popular people, I mean, they don’t EVER feel like that…do they? They seem to have everything, friends, people constantly wanting to chat them up all the time, a gazillion followers on twitter and instagram… compared to that, I think anyone would feel lesser of themselves.

    What makes you a nobody anyway? I hear this all the time in high school dramas, where the stereotypical blonde cheerleader comes up to you and says, “What gives you the right? You’re just a NOBODY!” Well, I can’t be a nobody, since I am someone. And you can’t be a nobody either. No one can. That’s Nobody’s business.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that popularity isn’t everything. People strive to be popular all the time, when it doesn’t really mean anything of your self worth. Popularity is what others think of you, and don’t ever let that have an effect on how you view yourself.

It’s not like I’m trying to be a saint or anything. I mean, I get messed up because of this nobody business all the time. I often find myself thinking, “I really have no right to talk to (insert really popular person’s name here), I mean, I’m just a Nobody!” or even stuff like, “Wow, she actually talked to me, and I’m just a nobody!” It really gets my confidence sometimes. Okay, maybe a lot. I’m not alone here, am I?

I think this is why understanding your self-worth is really important, especially when you get older, because that’s when you care more about what other people think. But, wait…hold on, why should we let other people decide what we are worth? Shouldn’t that job be up to…you? YOU ARE SPECIAL! YOU ARE AWESOME! as cheesy as it sounds, it holds truth. No one can be you but you. You’re a one-off God creation! If you don’t realise that anytime soon, well, let’s just say the world’s lost a great treasure that can never be replaced.


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