The one in the mirror

Today I watched a really interesting video by Dove, where they got a pair of girls on camera and asked them questions like, what do you like about yourself? Most of the girls couldn’t come up with anything, but when asked on what they liked about their friend, they had like a whole long list of stuff to say.
“I love her hair”
“I want her legs”
“I wish I had her eyes, they’re so nice and big!”
I did this little experiment with my friend today and she did EXACTLY the same thing. She could come up with stuff she liked about me (blushing here) but when I asked her, ” so what do you like about yourself then?” all I got was a “Can we not talk about that?”
Why are we not content with the person we see in the mirror? I mean, I’m like that too! Everyone’s like that! Well, not unless you’re some freakishly out-of-this-world gorgeous person with the likes of Anne Hathaway. Why do we want sharper noses, or higher foreheads? Why do we want V shaped jawlines and bigger eyes? We do we want higher cheekbones and fuller lips? Who exactly are we trying to look like here? For all I see, that girl ain’t even human.
I have to admit I’m a victim of this whole perfect thing. The media tells us what we should be and what’s hot and what’s not. I used to love watching makeover transformations on TV. It’s cool when someone ordinary looking gets to look like a superstar overnight. It makes you think you’ve got a chance to look like that too. But then I realised, why do we all have to look a certain way to get approval? Why am I not happy with what God made me to be? He designed every single thing in great detail, just so that I would look like me and that no one else will ever have a face like mine. He did that for everyone, and yes that means you! So why are you trying to look like someone who already exists? Heck, some of us are trying to look like a girl that is’t even humanly real.
I’m not trying to offend any K-pop fans here, I mean, I genuinely think that the girls of Girls Generation all look amazing. The thing is… They all look exactly the same! Honestly, I can’t tell the difference between their faces. Yeah sure, they’re nice to look at and all but I feel sad for the special, unique faces that the world loses everyday when people decide to change them just so that they’d look ‘pretty’
What is pretty anyway? Who decides what’s hot and what’s not? Why do we even care so much about our physical attributes anyway? We spend hours everyday in front of the mirror getting a cake load of foundation onto our skin, reshaping our noses with that shading powder thing (what’s that called again? Bronzer or something? Forgive me on this one). Why do we spend so much time and effort trying to change the things that we CAN’T change (a.k.a. Our faces) when we could be spending all that time on things that we CAN change? Whatever happened to character? Goodness and kindness and compassion and patience and love? Oh love. Dont get me started. Oh yes, you might not agree with me on the whole, ‘appearance isn’t important’ idea because that’s exactly what the world judges you on
most. Yeah, the good-looking guys always get the girls, the hot superstars are the most popular, because in this world, appearance goes way ahead of talent or character. YES, I don’t deny that at all, but that really depends on the kind of attention that you want to receive. If you’re thinking of getting that special someone to pay more attention to you by changing your face, well, you’re doing it wrong.
That’s how your spouse loves you even when you get all old and soggy say, 50 years into the future, because character is eternal man, your beauty never runs out if it comes from the inside. That’s why we age, so we’ll really learn that what matters most are the things that don’t die and wither like grandma’s flabby arms. It’s what your heart is made of that makes that person love you inside out until the day we go to heaven.
So I guess what I’m trying to prove here, and to myself is that we should all try looking beyond the mirror for a change, because the change you bring from your heart is so much more beautiful than the world can ever tell you to be.
So go on! Go be beautiful. It is actually possible you know.


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