The Rabbit Prince on the Moon


The Rabbit Prince lives on the moon, all by himself. Now, you may wonder what a rabbit would do all day long out on the moon. Well, he hops around all day on his two hind legs. His ears are long and droopy, and they flop up and down as he hops. He has soft, grey fur, matted dull by the dust of the moon, and the only thing that he owns is a crown. 

     The crown is a whole other thing. It is made of the finest, purest gold, and embedded into its surface are precious stones of all sorts of colours. The prince has no idea why he has it with him, or even the fact that he is a prince. He has no memory of who he is, and why he is there, or even his name. The prince lives in a small, comfy hole in a large, soft rock, where he lies his head to sleep at night. When he sees the sun, he gets up and wonders around, sniffing about and exploring, and when he travels far enough he might sleep somewhere else for a night or two, and he’ll watch the stars as they slowly fade away. This makes him feel all the more lonelier.

       “Why am I even here?” The Rabbit Prince asks the stars one night as he sits in his hole and sighs. “What am I supposed to do, really? There must be something I can do!” He looks at the crown, which he has placed in the deepest corner of the hole. It shines dimly, reflecting the light of the stars. All he could remember was waking up one night with a crown by his side, and he knew there must be more than that.

     He decided that he mustn’t waste more time and he dug the crown out of the corner with his paws and slung it around his shoulders, taking care not to scratch it. “I must go,” He said to the hole (for he had hardly anyone to talk to on the moon), “I must search, even though I have no idea what I’m searching for. At least I have something to do…goodbye, old hole, you have served me well.”

       And so the rabbit prince went on his journey in search of something, he didn’t know what it was, but he figured he’ll know when he finds it. He hops through valleys, and crosses mountains, he braves dark tunnels and cliffs, but he only ever comes across a large rock or two and nothing more. He goes on and on, resting when the stars come out and continuing when the sun comes back. And finally, on a day when the stars seemed to him particularly bright did he hear a faint cry.

      He stops in his tracks and he feels the fur on his ears prickle with fear. He sniffs the air and smells a strange, unfamiliar scent. He sniffs at the air again, and follows the scent, and the prince finds a cave hidden by one of those large rocks. He squeezes through a gap made by the large rock and gasps as he finds himself falling into black nothingness. 

   “H-help!” He frantically flops his ears, trying to grasp the air with his paws but he fell nonetheless, on his tail, rather painfully onto a hard, gravel surface.

    “Who’s there?” Echoes a voice in the darkness and the rabbit prince immediately springs onto his feet.

    “I-I don’t know who I am!” cries out the rabbit prince who sniffed the air again for that scent, it was stronger than ever, and he thought the voice quite pleasant to his ears, soft and gentle. “What are you?” He called out again when there was no reply.

    Instead, he saw a gentle flame in the distance, growing brighter and brighter, and he thought it was the sun coming to get him when he found himself rather surprised that it came from a white stick. And holding the white stick was a porcelain doll. The flame danced as a reflection across her black-button eyes, and she had a lovely green dress and flowing locks. Her face was slightly scratched, but remained beautiful, delicate and poised. The rabbit prince had never laid eyes on such a beauty as she was, not even the sun, or the stars. 

    “I know who you are, I’ve seen you before.” said the doll softly, bending down to take a closer look at the prince. The prince stood quite still, keeping his ears as straight as possible. “That is quite impossible, I’m afraid,” He said, “since I’ve never seen you at all. And I doubt I would forget a face like that of yours.”

    The doll laughed sadly. “Not you to be exact but I have seen a rabbit before, from where I come from,” the doll laid her eyes on the crown slung around his shoulders, “And oh, that is a crown, why, you should have mentioned you were a king, I would have bowed.”

    “A K-king?” He wondered out loud, “No, I very much doubt that I am that great.” 

    “Well, then what about a prince? A little rabbit prince.”

     “A prince!” cried the rabbit, “Oh I would love to be a prince, but how shall I ever find it true?” He held up the crown with his paws and saw his brown nose and whiskers reflected in its gold. 

    “You are not alone in finding truth as well, Mr. rabbit,” said the doll, sitting down gracefully onto the ground as she folded her skirt underneath her. She let the wax of the candle drip onto the rocks and she placed the candle firmly into the drop of wax. 

    “The Man on the Moon told me this was where the lost travel to. I was lost for a very, very long time Mr. rabbit, and I don’t even know who has lost me. The moon is the home for things like me, who have no purpose, no nothing. Now I wonder why you are here, Mr. rabbit when you have such a thing as a crown.”

    “This crown…” the prince held it tightly, his fur brushing against its warm gold, “it gives me a purpose does it not?”

The doll nodded sadly. “Why are you lost, Mr. rabbit when you shouldn’t be? You are not like the others I have met here on the moon. They do not ask for such a thing as a purpose. They do not wonder for more, nor do I, so to speak. I accept what I am now and there is no why to where I am, but for you, Mr. rabbit, your ‘Why’ is still yet to be found.”

     The prince stared at the face of the doll, “You speak of this Man on the Moon, who is he? and how does he know what he has told you, that you are lost?”

      “I do not question why I am lost, Mr. rabbit, but perhaps you can.” 

With that, the doll leads him by candlelight to the Man on the Moon, and along their path they came face to face with strange things that the prince had yet to see. An old woman, a book, a child in a basket, a broken clock, and many other things. And when they reached a door at the end of the dark tunnel, the doll knocked four times, before handing the prince her candle. 

    “You’ll be needing this, I think.” The doll smiled sadly again, turned around and left him alone to the darkness and the door. 


Okay, I think I’ll stop here for today, I gotta go finish up my math homework.


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