He’s not that creepy after all!

I have this one neighbour who creeps me out all the time. He’s middle-aged, lives alone as far as I know, and he NEVER smiles. I mean, really, at least I’ve never seen him smile and I’ve seen him plenty of times since he hangs about all day near the residence. I don’t think he works because he’s always around during typical adult work hours and he’s always in shorts and a shirt. The way he looks at people, it’s just scary. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that his eyes are like really big, and I’ve never heard him speak before, or talk to any of the other neighbours. Maybe it’s just our block because we’re a pretty quiet bunch and we don’t talk much, but at least the other have talked to me before once or twice when they see me. 

     I guess I’m judgmental like that. Which is why I wrote my last post, because I really wanted to change this whole part of me, Judging a person before you even get to know his or her situation and stuff. I mean, I see this guy with tattoos plastered all over his skin and rockin’ a funky hairstyle and I immediately think he’s bad. Like how some people have that bad-guy looking rough/fierce face, and I judge them because of it. I really should stop this. Because it doesn’t give me an opportunity to really get to know someone for who they are on the inside. Or it could go the other way round, where this angelic looking face leads me to some death trap or something.

      So anyway, about that neighbour. Well, I went for a ride with my old bike today and when I came back, there he was, coming out of the lift. I was like, oh no, not another awkward lift sharing situation again! So I looked down straight at the floor and passed him quietly into the lift dragging my heavy bike along with me, and I was really quite astounded to see him holding onto the lift button for me. Okay, maybe not astounded. Because I’ve seen him do this quite a few times for the other neighbours too, but it just never really measured up to much in my mind until today. He’s not creepy. He looks creepy. But deep down, I’m sure he’s a really nice, caring person who just looks fierce. So I’m going to try and smile next time, instead of ignoring him. I’m going to try to support my local chivalry (thank you messy mondays for teaching me that phrase!) 


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