To Infinity … And Beyond!


So I had to do some art Homework just now and I got a few books on Astronomy. Personally, I LOVE looking at pictures of the infinite skies. I mean, It’s just so beautiful and amazing, and when I watch Discovery Channel’s ‘The Universe’, I’ll just lie on my sofa and sigh in awe. seriously! I’d spend like afternoons lying there for 2 hours, just watching the whole program.

Don’t you think it’s amazing how BIG this universe is? And how much there is out there that we don’t know at all? Life gets boring sometimes when you already know almost everything there is to know about our world, with the advancement of science and all. So it’s fun when something new pops up, or if some new discovery is made.

I wish I lived in some remote farm somewhere, instead of this crazy bright city with so many road lights, that no one ever gets lost here. Then i’ll be able to set up a hammock by two trees, and watch the stars light up at night. It’s magical just thinking about seeing how far away these things are. It makes me think about us, and the world we live in, and how small our problems are, compared to the vastness of the universe. I have that strange feeling all the time when I finish watching an episode of The Universe. Life just seems so much bigger when you think about the galaxies, and the stars and the never ending-ness of the blackness out there.

I’ve only ever seen a sky full of stars on a trip to Bintan a long, long time ago. I remember walking along the beach with my parents, and I was really tired and everything from touring, so I was actually quite reluctant. But when the hotel lights disappeared completely from view and when I couldn’t make out which part of the blackness in front of me was the sky, and which part was the sea, I remember just staring with my mouth wide open in shock at the sky above me. I’d never known all my life that there were that many stars above me all along. It was just that I couldn’t see them in the first place. It was so dark out there, but that was the brightest I’d ever seen the stars to be.

Man, I really want to see those stars again. Oh yes, and shooting stars! I saw my first shooting star there too, and it was really magical. Like as if a star was coming down to Earth for people to make wishes, and I wondered where they landed, and what I’d find if I went to the landing site of the star. I thought it’d be some big sparkly diamond.

Did you know that if you, puny Earthling were to go to venus, you would be burnt alive, crushed by the atmosphere, suffocated by the carbon dioxide, and finally poisoned and corroded by the clouds of sulfuric acid? Talk about harsh. I really realised how special God made the Earth to be, just for us.

Also, Halley’s Comet visits Earth every 79 years! Which means the only chance I’ll ever get to witness something like that ever again would be when I become some 64 year old grandma. I’m going to put that on my bucket list for sure.

I just love the idea of space. Outer space that is. Anything that is yet to be discovered, out there, lurking in the darkness, hiding behind gazillions of stars and Nebulae and pulsars and Quasars and black holes. And also how it never ends. I think I must have read all the astronomy books in the children’s section when I was younger. Really! I was that much of a nerd, I spent the whole day in there with my notebook taking notes on Jupiter’s moons.

well, I should be getting back to my art homework now, I’ll leave you with an awesome video of the night sky:D


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