Why Music Rocks! (Pun Intended)


Instant superstardom!

Don’t you think it’s fascinating? How a bunch of sound waves coming together can make so many people feel and do so many great things? I had a really great time tonight, I mean, who gets to watch your friend start singing with a random (but awfully kind) busker just out of nowhere?

As my friend Elmer said, “Sometimes, it’s the simpler things in life that make you happy.”
If this wasn’t simple and happy, I don’t know what is.
Today I was blessed enough to have come across Woody, a great singer and guitarist, who stood outside a mall strumming away on his guitar singing songs from the eighties. He had a tip box placed right on top of his Amp, and there wasn’t much of a crowd at first, with people just passing by without even giving him a second glance.

I’m glad we did. We stood there eating Ice cream, and Woody dedicated a song to us, for standing there for such a long time just listening to him (“This song goes to my young friends over there,” he said, pointing out to us.) As we stood there licking away our Ice creams, he invited my friend Elmer to come sing along with him (oh Elmer was incredibly enthusiastic about it and I bet Woody could tell). So Woody stepped aside and let Elmer take the mic, and it was, as Darren put it, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

It’s just so COOL!!! As in really, really, mind-blowingly cool. Well, maybe this happens all the time in other countries, but in Singapore, YOU DON’T JUST GO UP TO SOME RANDOM BUSKER AND SING WITH HIM! (Today is International All caps day by the way!) It’s sort of like a social thing here, you don’t stand out, you don’t just do stuff like that. But I’m glad he had the courage to sing in front of so many strangers just like that. If it weren’t for him, No one else would have gone up to sing with Woody too. We would all have just walked past without giving him a second thought and we would have just continued on with our everyday lives like nothing happened. Isn’t it cool? It’s like we started some trend of going up to random strangers and singing with them! Another guy from my church sang along with Woody’s guitar as Woody went on to take a break (or a smoke, to be more exact.) He sounded really great too! and more and more people came to watch and even gave tips! Hah!

Then some other really pretty stranger walked up to him (after his break) and she broke into a really awesome Adele song. She nailed it, right on. I mean, who knew we had such talents in such a normal crowd? People always say Singapore is talentless and Singaporeans are all boring and stuff. I used to think that too. Well, Looks like I had my faith in our society restored. We aren’t like that at all, It’s just that we don’t show it. Deep down, I’m sure we’re all party animals just waiting for the cue (in this case, Elmer’s singing) to explode. I mean, tonight was the first time in my life i’ve seen that many people crowd around a busker. People just don’t see this sort of thing happening, the place just flooded with curious strangers just wanting to have a good time.

Music rocks because it can make anyone feel happy, ecstatic, in Elmer’s case. It can make children, and teens, and Old dudes from the eighties just feel a lot happier, cheerier. I bet all of the people in the crowd that night went home feeling at least, a little bit better.

Music rocks because it gives courage to people, a chance to step out of your comfort zone.

Music rocks because it’s a really great way of putting across emotions, I mean, that guy, Woody, had so much emotion in his voice I just couldn’t walk away after hearing him sing.

Music rocks because it can give anyone a great time, I had an awesome time with my friends, Elmer, Darren and Jairia tonight! REALLY REALLY AWESOME.

Music rocks because it can bring total, complete strangers together just like that. And there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing that happen, right in front of your very eyes.

Music is one downright incredible thing that God gave to us humans, I mean without it, life would be so dull I don’t even know what I’d do.

WOODY’S SONG LIST (or at least what I remember)

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz (Ft. Elmer)

Desperado by Eagles

(They Long to be) Close to You by the carpenters

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

How deep is Your Love by Bee Gees (Song request!)

Fly me to the moon (MY FAVOURITE SONG!)

Someone like you by Adele (Ft. pretty stranger)

Daniel by Elton John (A song for the other guy who sang with his guitar, Daniel LOL)

If you’re happy and you know it



P.s.s. thanks for correcting me on spelling Darren!!


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