Random Act Of Kindness #1

So I was in NTUC paying for three cartons of pudding and a packet of Cadbury chocolates when something horrendous happened.

The cashier said to me, “$10.25″

It’s bad because:
a) I only had 10 bucks on my pocket.
b) I couldn’t believe I could blow off that much money in a single trip for junk food.

I gave her that, ‘oh my gosh I’m so sorry’ face, and she immediately knew I didn’t have the cash.
Then to my surprise, this old man who was watching by the counter came up and said in Chinese, ” Aiyo, it’s only 25 cents,” and to my horror he started digging into his own pocket.
I cried out to him,”NO NO UNCLE!!!, it’s okay! It’s okay!” Was he actually going to pay for me?? I mean seriously???
And I took out one carton of that stupid overpriced pudding.
And I said to the cashier, “I’ll return this back then.” she smiled and did something with the cash register thingy.
And to my horror again this old man said,”come, I help you put it back,” and I was like, “NO NO!! Uncle let me do it it’s okay!!!”
But he went on ahead anyway and took the pudding while I was stuck there at the cashier returning my purchase and paying up for my stupid junk.
I felt so guilty. I mean this guy’s really, really old! Helping a young person like me?! But I felt really warm and happy too, because it’s just something that’ll make anyone happy, a simple kind act, although inappropriate since I didn’t deserve it at all, it still felt nice to know that there are people out there so willing to offer help.
So I grabbed my stuff after paying and followed him, crying out, “uncle, uncle!”
And there were people staring but, what the heck.
And I saw him placing my stupid carton of pudding onto the shelf, and I tapped him on the shoulder and said in my best, gratitude voice, “Thank you ah, uncle!”
And I did an awkward bowing thing and he smiled and said, “Aiyoh, 25 cents only!” and I laughed.

Seeing how someone else’s simple, random act of kindness made my day, I’m going to try my best as well, you know, to make someone else’s day too! And this uncle is my new found role model.


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