The In-Between.

I walked two laps around my school with my friend today. And we talked about things. And it’s been some time since we’ve talked about things. I really liked it, it’s just that there’s something really nice about two people sharing things between each other. Opinions, thoughts, or best of all… memories. Why do I […]


I love it when the sun is low and it looks like golden threads are falling down into the earth. And I love walking on grass at these times, when everything is crisp and golden and it feels as if I’m in a dream. And the air is warm against my skin, and the wind […]


“This is what God is telling me, and what I see in you, and that word is Courage.” This was what pastor Ronald told me at altar call yesterday. When people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I’d hesitate a little before saying that I wanted to be a social […]

Dream log #2

I’m in Russia with my parents on a holiday. But somehow, the hotel room is exactly like my apartment. And we were just looking out the window at the view outside one night and there were these large fake looking stars outside and I spent so much time trying to get a picture of them […]


This place just looks so cool! When I was younger, at a time where going to bed at 10pm was normal, I used to fashion my own dreams every night before I slept. And this was when I started to sleep on my own in my room. It’d be so dark and quiet and lonely, […]

Down Memory Lane

  Today was surreal. It feels as if time became a flat piece of land, and I fell into a gap on the ground and stayed there for awhile.  It was only a few hours ago that I was taking a national exam, and the next hour found me on a train ride with an […]

Brave enough.

I love searching for pictures! I just thought this was really cool. I’ve been hiding a lot today. But I’m wondering now why exactly did I need to hide? For various reasons, stupid reasons. Even now I’m thinking, “Man, if only I’d taken some other bus,” or “If only I’d left school earlier!” Thing is […]

Dream log #1

Sunday 21 July year 2013 4:39am I’m in the car with my parents and kiss 92 was playing on the radio. This lady started talking about how there was this Armageddon book that said that on the end of the world, the sun would move across the sky at an alarmingly fast rate, and by […]