The Thing About Korean Dramas

My mum’s been a K drama addict for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a good romantic comedy anytime, and i’ll occasionally join in on her drama marathon sessions! But these days, I just think Drama Producers are taking us viewers to be complete morons.


1) Our main heroine gets labelled as ugly by almost every character she meets. Well everyone’s obviously lying, she’s gorgeous! Are they trying to get easy sympathy points from us?!

2) Our main heroine dresses up as guy. And NO ONE NOTICES that she’s a girl till like halfway through. Oh really, you don’t see her smooth, beardless skin, her awfully feminine features and you don’t even notice that her voice is like, ten octaves higher than any normal guy? Oh sure, and guys totally dig girls who act like boys in real life. Not.

3) The guy who’s always a donkeyhole to her all the time gets the girl. Meanwhile, sad, guy best friend goes off into the distance with sad, sad music. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO ROOTS FOR THE NICE GUY? Really?! Sure, you’ve got chemistry and all, but in real life, I mean, any normal girl would pick the nice, awesome guy! Right…? Right???

4) Someone WILL, and I say WILL, end up in hospital. I don’t know how, who, or why, but it just does.

5) Poor people never wear the same clothes twice.

6) if the drama’s set in school. Well, here are two things you can expect NOT to see. Teachers, and homework.

7) main guy has something to tell main girl. He finds it an obligation to drag her by the hand away and into some corner by the wall. even though they are COMPLETELY ALONE in the first place!!!

8) Yes, in case you were wondering, women did have eyelash extensions and mascara back when the Qing dynasty was still around.

9) cuts and wounds disappear the very next day, and yes, by putting one plaster on your face, you too can remove scars, and have perfect, flawless skin even right after a car accident! Yay!

10) you can only meet up with another character at some high class cafe, oh, and be sure to order only water before leaving after your talk.

I think I’ll be sticking to action blockbusters on Mio TV for quite some time.


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