Art Problems

As I was painting stuff today for Art, well, I just realised why artists assign such terrifyingly shocking prices to their artworks. Millions and billions just for some piece of cloth and a bit of paint here and there?


But what you don’t see behind that piece of cloth or paper are the many frustratingly horrible problems that artists face. And I’m just a mere art student, so my problems are just the tip of the Ice Berg.

10 Art Student Problems:
By Rachel and Jia Shin

1) Stares throughout the whole bus journey when anyone sees the slightest bit of paint on your shirt, hands or legs.

2) Getting Poisoned. You have no idea how sinister an innocent-looking pot of stuff can be. From inhaling turpentine, to flammable fixative that looks like a can of hairspray, or even mistaking coffee mugs for brush washing tubs. Danger. Danger everywhere.

3) Paint on everything. Shirts, shoes, socks, pencil boxes, worksheets, study tables, cups, bags, basically just anything you own.

4) Burning wallets. Because when a tube of paint that looks no bigger than your finger costs 8 bucks, you’re not just going to burn a hole in your pocket, you’re going to blow it up.

5) Having to touch slimy paint you’ve left since a month ago.

6) Rotting Eyeballs. (more specifically, rotting ciliary muscles) because it’s easy to end up spending the entire day staring at a canvas and having your face squashed all the way up against your painting.

7) Spending 2 hours washing brushes in stinkin’ peanut oil.

8) Random people coming up to you asking you to draw their faces. Really, you can do that with a camera.

9) People thinking Art’s just crayons and fun all day long. “Oh! I wish I took O level Art! All you have to do is paint and you’ll be able to get an A!”

10) And No, We are not ALL artsy fartsy hipsters, contrary to popular belief.

It’s really no surprise why paintings are all that expensive. Really. Seeing as to what budding artists have to suffer through in school

P.s. don’t take this too seriously if you are an artsy fartsy hipster. I just made this up with my friend while waiting for the paint to dry.

P.s.s. I don’t even know what P.s. stands for.


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