The 7 Mysteries of My School


So, I just got back from a night study program and I was really reminded of how scary our school can look like after sun set. Corridors disappear into never ending darkness, green EXIT lights hang eerily all alone by themselves, and you can even perhaps hear faint whispering in the quiet corners of the school. 

Anyway, in all my 4 years here, I’ve heard stories about our school, faithfully passed on from senior to junior, and teacher to student. I don’t know, they may be made up, or they could be true, you decide. BUT JUST BELIEVE THEM SERIOUSLY THAT’S WHAT MAKES SCHOOL FUN AT NIGHT CAMPS. (Yes. I know it’s not international caps lock day today. Boohoo.)

1) The Haunted Piano in the AVA room.

No one knows really why it’s there, or how it got there. All I know is that it’s really old. Its keys are all yellow from age, and a few strings are really out of tune, but I’ve played it a couple of times before, and something about the tone of it really creeps me out. There was a story about how it came from the old campus, and the school didn’t dispose of it because it was haunted. Some even claim to hear it playing notes all on its own, but I just think it’s cheesiness straight out of a cliched horror story.

2) The Self Flushing Girl’s Toilet next to the Home Economics Lab on the first floor.

A classmate of mine ran out screaming when she heard the toilet flushing even though she was the only one in it. Plus, a Geography teacher who claimed to have a third-eye told us in class the other day that there was one toilet in our school that was haunted.

3) The random mirrors placed all around school.  

There was a rumour going around that these mirrors were installed in high-spirit activity areas in our school to ward off spirits. Which is really kind of believable considering the weird places that these mirrors can be found. Like the one at the spooky dark ground level staircase, or the one at the band room. Plus, these mirrors look kind of warped.

4) The thumb-print scanner of the physics lab.

It seems that the scanner will go “di…di…di” every night at some odd timing. (past midnight, obviously) So it’s either some fault with the machine, or…*cue thriller music*

5) Our Local Pontianak (a.k.a. Malay vampire she-ghost)

That same geography teacher spoke to some of the school cleaners before, and one of them claimed to have seen a Pontianak in our school. She’s a pretty reliable source since she’s told us all sorts of awesome ghost stories in class. (Because let’s face it, no one really likes listening to classes on Interrelationships between people and the environment.)

6) Okay, honestly, these are the only ones I remember. Perhaps I’ll update this when I hear a really good one.

7) And also because you just have to use the number 7 for stuff like this.


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