To The Future!

I wonder what the future’s gonna be like.
Not that I’d know anything, I can only sit in my chair and stare into space as I procrastinate.
But honestly, I have so many questions to ask myself, 20 years into the future. Whoa, I’d be like 36 by then! And that’s really old! (no offence if you’re 36 I’m just saying).
If I could communicate at all with the person i’d become, I’d probably have a lot of things to say.

Dear 36 year old Rachel,

Hey, what’s up? I’m 15 now, but technically I’m 16 it’s just that I have a really unfair advantage of being born late. Why am I even telling you this you should know that. How are you doing? Are you happy? I hope you have a family of your own now. You should because 36 is a really big number!
Did you get that big dog I always wanted? I hope you’ve got kids by now. Hello children! How are you guys doing? I’m sure your mother loves you very much! Hello husband! Sorry if you’ve got a lot to bear with because this woman will probably be a handful. But I’m also sure she loves you a lot too.
Have you changed much over the years? Did you finally grow your hair long? I don’t think you did because you probably wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer than your elbow. How’s work? Whatever you’re doing I hope you’re happy.
Did you paint the walls of your house yourself? I’ll give you that challenge now. You’d better paint the walls yourself. And paint a nice tree in the living room.
Have you kept in touch with all your friends? How are they doing now I’m dying to know!! Is Wei Qian going to church now? What about the CART gang? Are you guys still meeting up as often as you can like you promised? You’d better!!!
Are you missing the days spent in school? I’m still stuck in this time period so, I wouldn’t know. How’s mummy and daddy doing? Did you give daddy camera stuff when you started working?
Did you get all old and adult like? I hope you did’t! Don’t get all stuck up just because you’re old! Remember you were once me.
You’re nearly halfway through life now…gasp! You don’t really have much time left now do you? Or are you at your peak, I’m not too sure. Are you serving God with all your heart? Please don’t go anywhere else! I don’t ever want you to not be anywhere near God.
Even if you’re at the best part of your life (since that’s what they all say), please don’t let go of what’s most important just because you’re busy and all. Don’t ever forget the reason why you’re living and be washed away by the world.
Did you finally get that story finished and sorted? You’d better!! I spent so much time writing that and it’d be a really big waste if you left it forgotten in some rotten old thumb drive. (are thumb drives even still around anymore??)
Well, I really have to get round to doing my homework now. I guess I’ll talk to you soon.

15/16 year old Rachel


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