Saying goodbye

I hate saying goodbye.
What does that word mean anyway? What’s ‘bye’? And why’s it good?

I read somewhere that our lives are like train rides. People get on and off our trains, and we can’t really do anything about that really. Sometimes I wish some people would never get off my train. Sometimes I wish the train would just stop and we can all stay there forever. But that’s not how it works I guess.
And sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever see this person again, or if we’ll just be off on our own train tracks. I wonder who’ll be staying in mine?
Don’t you think it’s depressing? How people just leave like that? And you’re left all alone to figure out what kind of station you’ll be arriving at next.
But what if I really like the station that I am at now? I guess this is when the whole,’stepping out of your comfort zone’ thing comes along. Because you’re not the one driving the train, and you’re definitely not in control. But it’s depressing to just let people leave like that! Maybe they’re more needed on someone else’s train…
The people around me are the ones that are the most precious to me (as cheesy as it sounds). So it feels as if I’ve lost a lot when I stop talking to old friends. All the memories we’ve made would start to fade slowly, and they won’t be as important anymore.
An our memories make us who we are, right? So what happens when we lose them? If I said goodbye to someone really important, I think I’d lose a part of myself too:(



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