Songs For Company

HAHAHA I love this picture!!!!

I don’t think I can walk alone out on the streets without having something plugged into my ears.
Its just that when there’s someone singing with me when I’m walking, it feels like I’ve got company around, you know?
Imagine walking down the street on your way to get some lemons (or oranges) from NTUC and there’s some awesome guy singing songs right next to you. Oh and see that drummer behind you? And that bassist thumping away on your left. And you’re there just strutting your way down and swinging your plastic bags and swaying along to music. Let’s just hope the bags don’t rip.
Don’t you think it’s cool? How in the world do headphones work anyway? It’s just some piece of plastic and metal wires, and BOOM – music. I guess electric signals have got something to do with it- no no, don’t tell me how it works. Let’s just say magic leprechauns waved their magic little fingers and music comes out of it magically.
And how when you feel all sad and when you’re taking the bus alone and it’s raining. If you’ve got some K drama OST playing in the background, you’re right on your way to crying like a baby:D
Or if you’re cycling really really fast down some slope and you’ve got some heavy metal playing, and you feel like you’re going round the world at lightning speed.
I don’t know how people can manage going about their daily businesses without songs for company. Or a live band going wherever you go. Don’t you feel alone? Empty? Or is it just me.


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