This picture nearly killed me. It was horror to Touch this picture on my iPhone. The things I do for this blog.

If there’s one thing that scares the crap out of me, I would say it would be the creatures of darkness, torment and eternal suffering – cockroaches.

I can’t stand the sight of the horrible beasts. I don’t even understand it myself! I’m totally fine with all other insects, in fact, I love playing with insects, but it’s just that one miserable creature that had to ruin everything.

When I was younger I’d just cry at the sight of them, and my grandfather would piggy-back me all the way home if I ever saw one. That’s how serious this phobia of mine is. Seriously! I’d freak out so bad, and get shivers and if there was a cockroach in the kitchen I wouldn’t dare step into it or anywhere a cockroach has been till a few days later.

Yes, it takes me days to get over it. And there was one time, my dad screamed when he saw a cockroach scramble out from under my pillow just as I was about to jump into it. I screamed (ten times louder) and cried and I didn’t enter my room for like a week.

I guess my phobia for cockroaches has significantly died down as I grew older, so instead of screaming and crying like a baby I’d just stop, freeze, laugh a weak laugh and carry on, making sure I’m as far away from it as possible if I ever have the misfortune of meeting one out on the streets (dead or alive).

Anyway, today I managed to finally overcome this stupid phobia!!! HURRAY!!!!!! Sort of. I’m still scared crapless of them, but at least, well.

So I got a call from my dad to start cooking some rice, and I walked into the kitchen with my earphones in my ears, singing along to switchfoot when I see this terrible catastrophic war zone in front of me.

There were more than 10 tiny, baby cockroaches littered all over the kitchen floor, and they were withering with their horrible tiny legs up in the air doing cycling motions. And I just looked at them, (o_o) with my mouth open ready to scream out for my parents, but oh no, I just had to be completely alone.

And what’s worse was that immediately I came face to face with the boss – the real, big, full sized cockroach on its back wiggling around taunting me (even though it was already half dead).

I just stood there frozen. I mean, I didn’t even dare step into the kitchen, needless to say cook rice! Sodding, sodding, rice. The fate of my family’s dinner depended on me.

So I calmed down and took the bottle of Bygone (first time I actually touched the thing). And that was already a hard thing to do for me. I mean seriously, you just had to print a picture of a cockroach on the thing. (manufacturers what the hell are you thinking?!) I just can’t stand anything to do with cockroaches.

So ignoring the stupid picture of the cockroach, I grabbed the can and crept up to the war zone, and spammed the spray button. First at the boss. And I watched it scramble and turn and flip and die right there in front of me. And even though I knew it was dead, I just kept spraying the thing over and over because I didn’t want to risk it coming back to life all of a sudden while I was in the kitchen dealing with the rest of its minions.

That nearly was the death of me. Thank God it was at some far corner near the rubbish chute, so I wouldn’t have to look at it every few seconds. And the rest of the baby cockroaches were still pretty active, though about half of them lay dead in a puddle near the boss. That creeped the hell out of me. I can’t stand dead cockroaches either. I don’t know why, it’s just the sight of seeing the underneath part of them gives me chills. But I sprayed that puddle too, and some of them jerked back to life before dying.

Hey, the spray wasn’t so bad after all, I thought it would have been way harder than this.

And the live ones were the worst. I had to aim it properly at them to kill them (which was extremely hard considering the fact that just looking at them makes me want to scream running as far away as I can from the horrible things).

So I stared hard at them and told myself , “they’re just insects they’re just insects” and it took me a long time to be completely sure that they were all dead before getting my rice container out. I couldn’t believe that I, Rachel Tai, was cooking rice in a kitchen filled with a sea of cockroaches.

I WOULD NEVER, ever have thought it possible for someone like me. At least, considering how I was when I was younger.

So yay, mission accomplished. But I’m not promising that I’d be able to deal with this again in the future.

Btw, my dad knew that they were fumigating the rubbish chute today, and he did seal it off with duck tape and everything last night. I guess he didn’t really do a proper job. Well look now, I’m so not cleaning up that mess.

My parents just came back as I was writing this and I yelled at them to take a good look at the kitchen.

Dad: wow the fumigation must be very powerful huh, they can come all the way up here

Me: yeah and the cockroaches were just that desperate, seriously, they’d crawl all the way up 20 stories.

Dad: Wah, big girl already ah you, kill them by yourself.

Me: *grunt* (trying to act all, ‘oh it’s nothing’)

But on the inside, I was like, “oh, stop it you. Heehee.” (#^.^#)

But seriously, I nearly died today.


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