Dream diaries

This is pretty much how most of my mornings look like.

I really regret not keeping a dream diary. There’s just so much that I’ve forgotten!! And it’s sad, because it’s like I’ve lost it forever.

So now i’m telling you to keep a dream diary! Believe me, you’ll regret not writing down all your awesome, wonderful dreams.

Did you know that the average person dreams about 5-7 dreams a night? And we forget them first thing in the morning. (-.-) I wonder how dreams form anyway?

Do our brains just fart random thoughts and images until it becomes a melting pot of weirdness, or is there some deeper force in action? Like how I’ve heard some people do, ‘dream telling’ where it’s kinda like fortune telling just with your dreams.

I think it’s wonderful how your brain can create something while you’re sleeping like a zombie (with possible drooling in your pillow) at the same time! It’s more than I can ever come up with wide awake. Like how I’ve also heard that we only use a super small amount of our actual brain power.

Anyway, I’ve decided to start keeping a dream journal, and I’ll post some interesting ones here.

This is a dream that I wrote down immediately after waking up.

Friday, May 25, year 2012, 9:23AM
(it’s cool if you record down the exact date and time of it too!)

Today I dreamt about something pretty interesting. All I could remember though, was a chest. A treasure chest that was as big as any good sized chest would be. And then, there were scenes of me playing in a field that spanned on forever far beyond the horizon. I suppose it closely resembled my school field. I remember Wei Qian and Jia Shin there, but I couldn’t remember who told me to stop playing, because I kept falling into pools of water and mud, and some of them made me sink a bit.
After that, I remember seeing this man who closely resembled Voldemort and the person named FEAR from a movie. But he could control the waves of the sea. Anything that was the ocean. And so, I was just a hovering spirit following him about.
The only thing I could remember next was the giant of a serpent, with malicious yellow eyes. It struck the man and the man realized that he wasn’t too powerful after all. But then, I think it was me who told him that it wasn’t just the sea he could control. See, he could only make the waves appear because he had shaken the ground below the sea. He was really only able to control the land.
And then the scene changed, and I am at the path way that leads to my house. The white one with metal railings at the side. Or was it the car park? Anyway, the skies above were so clear and so beautiful, the milky way waving its way across the sea of stars in the midnight blue sky. There where huge galaxies embedded like jewels among the stars, and I could see Saturn and her rings. I remember that my dad was there, and I said, ” Look! Look at the sky!”
And I took a few pictures with my iPhone even though he said that it was impossible To take a picture.

After re-reading this, I think my dreams just show how much my brain farts every night.


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