I shall now attempt to write a poem! (I know, no one born in this century uses the word ‘shall’ anymore, but it just makes what you’re going to say a lot more literary)
I love writing poems! There aren’t any rules and they don’t have to make sense, which is really awesome.

The Kite

Scattered beads that fill the dark night sky
You look up and wonder and I can only watch

You asked the king where the wind would blow next
And I can only hope I’ll be riding it with you

The clouds hide and they don’t tell us anything
It’s only when they turn dark that everything crumbles

And everything that falls become memories
And we catch them with our hands but they seep through

You sit on the wind that carries you
And you watch the world spin past as a hurricane

I hold our kite in my hand and I run
And wave as your wind flies it high

And the moon looks down smiling


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