Dream log #1

Sunday 21 July year 2013 4:39am

I’m in the car with my parents and kiss 92 was playing on the radio. This lady started talking about how there was this Armageddon book that said that on the end of the world, the sun would move across the sky at an alarmingly fast rate, and by 1:03 pm, the sun would set and throw the world into darkness. And then my dad switched stations to some boring interview and I said,”noooooo! Let me listen!” and I used my phone instead but when I finally got it running it was just boring opinions of people about the book.
Then I became that floating spirit thingy because i’m not anywhere in my dream. There were four people in coloured spacesuits running on this alien terrain. It looked like mars because the Sand was red and there was this long bridge made out of sand that stuck out in the air, and these four people were running on it.
And then the blue guy screamed because there was this spider-like creature trying to eat him up! It scrambled frantically after them, with its long spider legs, And the thing got a hold of him eventually and started ripping him into different pieces. But he didn’t die, and every part of him was still alive! moving individually.
No wait, there was this blast of fire that shot up and consumed the guy too, (oh no I’m starting to forget everything. ) I think that was before the monster alien spider thing ate his parts. And then I could see inside the monster, and the inside of the monster looked like a small cave with muscular walls, the pinkish kind that you can see all the lines and folds. And there was this pair of teeth that sat in the middle, that looked like stalactites (or stalagmites) and his head was sitting next to it. There was like this small piece of flesh still stuck to the bottom of the head squirming. And the head was sobbing like a little child. And I remember thinking, “is he just going to sit inside that monster forever with only his body flesh thingies for company? Sucks to be him.”
And then I remember I was telling Darren how I am not going to eat anything live ever again. And we started talking about how ikan Bilis get their heads crushed and how their eyeballs just squirt out or something when people eat them.

It took me quite a while to realise I was in my bedroom.

I should really get back to sleep I’ve got a long day ahead today.


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