This place just looks so cool!

When I was younger, at a time where going to bed at 10pm was normal, I used to fashion my own dreams every night before I slept. And this was when I started to sleep on my own in my room. It’d be so dark and quiet and lonely, and I was bored staying there in bed waiting for my mind to fall asleep. So, I’d make up stories to pass time!

I would always imagine me in some other realm, a place where fairies and monsters and knights and dragons and castles and forbidden forests and magical swords exist.

Oh and there would be all sorts of seasons there, mostly winter since I’ve not seen snow before and I’ve always wanted to see snow.

I would first start off with a large field. A meadow filled with soft, long grass. And the air would smell sweet, of herbs and wild flowers, and the wind would be ruffling through and the grass would be swaying.
And I’d stand there with my hair blowing in my face.

The field would melt into a lake just a few yards away, and the lake would mirror the midnight blue sky. And it would be perfectly still with only the slight ripples from the wind, sparkling with the stars from above floating in the waves.

A dark forest would sit behind the field, a row of pristine pine trees lined up in the distance, and I would trek towards it and find myself towered over by thick trunks and branches that reached out to the sky.

And the story would go on from there. Depending on what and who I’d find in that forest.

Somehow I’d end up in a team of bandits and we’d be off saving the kingdom or in search of some mysterious object.

Oh and I loved creating a magical market place that would always be a part of my adventure. I’d imagine myself buying back loads of things. (with foreign currency of course, I’d spend quite some time thinking of a name for money)

Flowers made of crystal that chime and tinkle, tornadoes in a jar, stars that you could encase in bottles and that you could pour out as sprinkles. And I would bring them on my journey and they would never have much use because I’d forget all about them.

What I loved most was that I could choose what I’d want to be, and every thing that would happen.

But I would always rather be the knight in shining armour than the princess in distress, so in this case the prince would be in distress, and I’d come galloping in with a sword in my hand on my trusty steed.

He would probably be captured by a bad villain (most likely the queen) who wants to over throw his kingdom. I mean, it’s so much more fun like that!

And I’d make all sorts of friends, with thieves and hunters and riders, and we’d go on crazy adventures together.

But it was a bummer because I’d always fall asleep before completing the story and I’d have to start again with some new one the next night.


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