Dream log #2

I’m in Russia with my parents on a holiday.

But somehow, the hotel room is exactly like my apartment.

And we were just looking out the window at the view outside one night and there were these large fake looking stars outside and I spent so much time trying to get a picture of them on my phone (I never get perfect pictures in my dreams)

And suddenly there was this explosion of fire from an oil refinery in the distance, a jet of flame shooting out from one of its long, steel pipes.

And these waves of blue light, kinda like auroras started to come out from no where and flowed slowly, weaving their way through the houses below towards us. And they played with the buildings and houses, and I shouted for my dad, “look! It’s some sort of phenomenon when fire comes out in Russian atmosphere!”

And then the auroras turned into shapes. They were blurry at first, but became more defined and soon I could recognise snakes and dragons and all sorts of scary things.

But they where multicoloured rays of light, like the figures in those holographic cards.

And it somehow turned into a nightmare festival of flying scary things trying to scare the whole of Russia.
And random things started coming to our window and talking to us.

A ghost. Two ghosts actually, and they looked like Casper. And they tried to scare me but I looked straight at them and ignored them and they left.

I forgot what the rest were.

My mum was sleeping soundly beside me on the bed, and she said something like,” better find daddy” when a giant baby head started floating in through the window.

And I scrambled out of the room, past the baby head and ran straight to my dad.( the whole house was dark for some reason and my dad was standing in the kitchen)

And my dad said, “Rachel, do you want a banana toasty?” and woke me up. (this parts not the dream, by the way)


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