Sing, sing, sing and make music with the heavens!

That’s it. I’ve given up on listening to the radio.
I mean, sure it’s fine when you need something playing in the background while you’re doing your homework, but most of the time, I can’t help but cringe at some of these ‘songs’! (I read somewhere that these apostrophes double up as flies, but that’s kinda mean, because you know what flies hang around with most of the time. Hint hint.)

I’ll then play around a bit with the songs on my playlist, but I’ll always end up playing songs from good old WOW Hits, or worship songs on my phone.
Of all the music on my phone, I can safely say that the only ones I’ll never get tired of listening to are worship songs.
Maybe it’s because of how we can never worship God enough. No matter what, I can’t possibly get tired of worshipping someone as great as that.
And I’ll scream them out loud at the top of my lungs when no one’s at home. I just hope God doesn’t mind if it sounds like an otter trying to sing opera. (okay, I don’t think I sound half as bad)

Anyway, I really should be getting back to work. major exams and all.

Oh and one more thing, worship songs are really encouraging for me when I do work because it reminds me of why I’m supposed to be working so hard and who I’m working for, so maybe you could try this too, whoever you are.

P.S. I really have absolutely no idea who reads these, or if anyone does. Well, hello there, person. (I hope you are a person, you are aren’t you?)


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