The In-Between.


I walked two laps around my school with my friend today. And we talked about things.

And it’s been some time since we’ve talked about things.

I really liked it, it’s just that there’s something really nice about two people sharing things between each other. Opinions, thoughts, or best of all… memories.

Why do I like people? It’s not so much of what kind of a person he or she is, it’s more of the things that are in the in-between.

The things that float in the middle, like trust and care and understanding, compassion, love, and the lightness and the happiness.

The things we share.

It doesn’t really matter then, the sort of person you are. Who you are. What you are. (well, you must be human obviously but other than that..)

And it’s when you’ve got all these in-between things hanging around that it doesn’t matter if you’re spending hours, days, months, years together, because you’ll never get tired of that.

Even if the other person grows all boring and lame and weird, as long as the in-between stuff exists, it’ll all be fine! I guess that’s what happened with my parents, haha!

The in-between is a really rare thing. It’s even rarer than diamonds and all those sparkly things that aren’t really worth what they look.

They are like full moons!

The moon’s always there but you don’t see it full all the time. It happens only once a while, and when you do see it you can’t help but feel all happy and you won’t be able to stop staring at it as it hangs in the sky.

And it glows really really brightly when the world is at its darkest and you need it the most.


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