The Sky

The Sky really inspires me. There’s just something about how it changes everyday. And when I look at it and see all the colours and textures mingle together, I just feel great! As cheesy as it sounds (though I know someone capable of making anything even cheesier), its beauty really does make everything seem brilliant. […]

The Path That Led To Nowhere

I feel literary again today! So here’s a poem because I don’t think I have enough time to write out a story.   There was a path winding its way between two houses more like a drain really but there were stairs that led to it   … so it must have been a path […]

What The Stars Say

Today was a very magical day. I was brought into the sky with a warm, spherical, glowing ball. It was soft, and there were things flying around in it. We passed the weirdly coloured horizon, until the earth became nothing but a small ball in the distance. At first I only saw the little that […]

Things I wish I could do

1) Bake. There, I said it, I’m horrible at baking. Oh it’s fine if you’re giving me some recipe to follow, but I will never ever EVER for the love of all that is good be able to bake the same thing twice. It turns out different all the time! I tried making cookies once […]

Dream log #3

I’m standing right in the front row of morning assembly, and we’re all in the hall. For some strange reason, there were red, velvet curtains hanging above the first row, and they came down from the ceiling in long, thick strips, almost touching the floor. Then a wind blew and the curtain beside me kept […]

What if…?

There was a period of time when there was this piercing pain in my heart. And it lasted two days. I’m not talking about heartache! I mean, real, physical pain. And I was sleeping at that time when it came. It was as if someone was poking this sharp needle into my heart and sliding […]

An Empty Sky

Don’t You Know? You have something very special inside of you. You don’t know what it is, and sometimes, it feels like nothing is there. Why do you feel empty? Why can’t you see? Don’t give up, Don’t throw it away! Don’t forget what you can’t see yet! You don’t know how much I see. […]