Watch him sing!

I had a wonderful time watching a busker today.

“Oh I know this song!” I said to my friend and we stopped and I stood there with her with a cup of frozen yogurt in my hand.

And he was singing ‘sleeping child’ by Westlife.

He was really really good! Just one guy and a guitar. And I knew all the songs that he sang.

My friend left for her train and I was left standing there with an old man, who turned to me and said,”He’s very good ah!”

I could only nod and agree.

The old man left by the second song

And even though he couldn’t see me (he was blind) I really just wanted him to know that someone was watching him, enjoying his songs.

So when he finished I clapped as loud as I could. But I felt awkward after that because I was the only one clapping. (with my yogurt cup tucked safely under my armpit)

I wonder what he sees when he sings. Does he see a crowd of people watching him? Or is he alone in his world? I wonder what he thinks about when he sings those songs.

He said ‘thank you’, and I hope it made his day.

Today’s song list:
1) Sleeping Child by Westlife
2) Love Me by Collin Raye
3) 老鼠爱大米

P.S. I wish I could have stayed longer and clapped for more of his songs, but it was getting really late.


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