Superman and the Small Fry


Sometimes I find myself wanting to be superman too. Or in this case superwoman. It feels nice doesn’t it? After watching Man of Steel, it kinda made me feel like I wanted to be someone like that when I grow up.

Someone people look up to, with sparkling eyes of admiration.
Someone strong, SUPER strong.
Someone capable of saving the world.
Someone who’d make a difference, and of which the world would know of.
Someone powerful, in control, a figure so high that I’d be encased in bronze like Sir Stamford Raffles. With bird poop all over me. (okay maybe not that part.)

It’s starting to kind of sound like a conquest for world domination, so I’m just going to stop right here.

It could have taken me a lifetime to realise that I don’t need to be an Almighty one to have a purpose in life. You could! But you don’t need to.

I’m glad I realised that before I spent my life going after something that I’m not. It’d be like stuffing a poor cat into a superman costume (hence ridiculously cute picture above)

Because that’s God’s job, being the almighty and powerful one. I’m the small fry that he died for and loves. It’s really easy to forget that sometimes.

And when I do forget, I start to panic, because then I feel all the responsibility on myself. I wouldn’t be able to grasp that God is in control. And I feel vulnerable. Because then I’d be the one controlling everything and that’s when you know I’m going to screw things up. Being in control isn’t my job in the first place. I’m the small fry, remember?

But that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want you to be great. Being great is a whole other story. You don’t have to be powerful to be great. Hey small fries can be great too. Big fries. Haha. NOT the ones in McDonald’s.

I wrote this down in my notes about a year ago while I was writing a story. It just came to me randomly as all story ideas go but I didn’t use it in the end:

Even if you can’t change the world someday, you CAN change the world of one person.

And that on its own would really mean a lot to a small fry like me if I could be someone like that.

Someone who’s a great friend
Someone who shows love to the ones who need it most.
Someone who’s eager to share God with the people around me.
Someone who helps those in need.
Someone who serves with a willing heart.
Someone who comforts and encourages when another is in distress.
Someone who gives joy, and peace, and hope and all the other fruits of the spirit.

And I was reminded of that today.


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