Follow the black cat of the Alley!

If you were to walk past an alley, no matter how big or small, always be on the look out for a black cat.

The black cat goes by the name of Edgar, and Edgar has large, emerald green eyes and a shiny coat of black fur kept meticulously pristine by constant grooming. You can tell it is him by his eyes, and it is always the eyes that give him away. They will be different in ways that I will never be able to explain.
Look! There he is, right there in the alley behind you! Turn around, do you see him carefully watching you under a sign board stuck to the wall? You read the sign and it says “SingPost”. He observes you carefully, his ears sharp and tuned. With a quick flick of a tail he decides to ignore you and turns on his paws back towards the alley. Quick, stop him, run after him before he disappears off into the shadows!

You call out, “Wait, stop!”

And Edgar ignores you and continues on.

You scramble towards him and into the narrow alley lined with dustbins and air-conditioning fans. No one seems to notice you out in the streets as you disappear along with the cat.

“Stop bothering me, Human,” says Edgar as he turns a head and glares at you with those green eyes that seem to glow in the dark. “I’m a busy cat, I don’t suppose a human like you would understand that. Quick, be off on your way.”

“You talk!” you exclaim, and Edgar squints at you with his pink nose high in the air.

“It just shows how awfully stupid you are, did you not talk to me first not to expect a reply?”

He sounded like a king, the way he talked, pompous and mighty, as if a fanfare would burst out playing any second after.

I must tell you now to not take his insults too seriously, for cats will always be cats, but the chance of an adventure may never come across your path again. If you persist keenly, the black cat may take you along on an adventure of a lifetime.

“Well,” says Edgar looking you up and down, “I suppose I might need an apprentice if you are,
really that desperate, human.”

“I have spare time,” you say and Edgar regards that with a twitch of a whisker.

You follow him as he leads you through the alley.

“Where are you taking me, exactly?” you ask as he leaps onto a low roof. You follow him, not as gracefully, but eventually manage the pull yourself up onto the roof with a shaky elbow.

“it is my job to find out and yours to follow, human, “says Edgar. “Stop asking me questions, it gets on my whiskers.”

Edgar follows the roof and jumps, landing swiftly onto another. You follow him, taking care not to slide off the slippery, mould-covered bricks.

Suddenly, you hear a high screech from below. It reminds you of the grinding of metal and gears. You look back and see black shapes on the grimy walls of the alley below, growing bigger and bigger as they slide towards you at an alarming speed.

You feel a hard nudge against your right leg, and it is Edgar slamming his head into your calf, “What are you doing you fool of a human? Run! Now, come on!” says Edgar gasping.

You shake your head and heed his instructions, as Edgar springs forward.

“What are they?” you cry out as you leap over another roof. You hear the ear-piercing screech again and glance past your shoulder. You scream at what you see.

“It doesn’t matter what they are! JUST RUN!”

However, I will tell you now exactly what those horrible things behind you are. They are known as Vultures to the cats, but they are not the Vultures that humans are familiar with. No, the Vultures that you know of are quite harmless indeed.

They are shadows that follow the shape of a deformed human, no two quite the same. Some have terribly long arms, or fingers that extend into claws. Others have a leg, or two or three. It is known that if a Vulture manages to catch a hold of your shadow, the part of which your shadow belongs to will be its own forever.
The Vulture will eventually consume you entirely, first the ankle, then the shoulder, your ears, your mouth, and finally your heart. It is rumoured that Vultures who have captured humans still live amongst us today. And you will never be able to tell the difference between the original soul and the dark shadow that now resides in the bodies of the ones who once lived.

Which is all the more a reason why you should run as fast as you can and listen to Edgar.

To be continued! I have to go for recess now.

P.S. this is inspired by a picture I took of a cat that looks like Edgar! But I can tell it is not really him, you can always tell by the eyes;)


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