Things I wish I could do

1) Bake.
There, I said it, I’m horrible at baking. Oh it’s fine if you’re giving me some recipe to follow, but I will never ever EVER for the love of all that is good be able to bake the same thing twice. It turns out different all the time! I tried making cookies once and they turned out fine first. But the second time they became bread-like soft thingies. And the third time they became scones. EVEN though I’ve been doing everything exactly the same. I see pictures of other girls making so many awesome yummy cupcakes and cookies and I just wonder how the hell they did it. And I can’t help but feel envious sometimes.

2) Gardening
Plants die in my hands. I once decided to try rearing flowers, I even got the whole gardening pot and soil and seeds and fertiliser with my pocket money. And guess what? Nothing grew. Nothing. It was as barren as mars, maybe even Pluto. I waited for weeks for the seeds to sprout. And it’s still sitting in my kitchen till this day.
I can’t even rear cacti! No, really! I even got fertiliser specially for cacti and watered it according to the instructions on the back! It shrunk and became this flabby piece of life that soon perished. I’ve always wanted a large garden if I ever had a big house! And then my children (if i’m blessed enough) will be able to play in it. Guess that’s never going to happen:(

3) Study and not procrastinate

This is really ironic because I’m actually procrastinating right now. Which I should stop because this is one thing on my list that I can actually achieve.

I’ll continue this some other time:(

*puts phone down and goes back to chemistry textbook*


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