Things I wish I could do part 2

4) Speak Chinese Well

So many times I’m given an opportunity to talk to an Aunty, and I just blow that chance because of my sad incapability of speaking Chinese.
The aunty of the takoyaki stall. The other Aunty that works with her. The Aunty that works in the stall next to the takoyaki stall. (somehow they all recognise me and wave to me when I pass by)
The Aunty librarian from
school I just sat next to on the bus. I mean I really just feel so frustrated when talking to her because I was reduced to nodding my head and smiling a lot, only giving comments about the weather just because I didn’t know how else to say what I wanted to say. There was so much more I could have said. I could only just listen to her (like I did last month for more than an hour during free period until I forgot all about recess) but it was fun because she talks about a lot of interesting stuff. I mean, If I had to spend my entire day in a library alone I’d have a lot of things to say too.

Just as I was typing this on the bus, this really old auntie came up with two large bags of stuff, and the bus made a really hard break and she fell, as it stopped, onto one of her soft bags (thankfully) before I could grab hold of her. When I did, she was already on the floor laughing cheerfully and as I helped her with her bags she bounced back up and smiled a toothless grin and nodded a thank you. I really admire how she remained so cheerful and happy even after falling down in front of everyone. I had a lot to learn from her!

And so I smiled again at her as I alighted the bus and she returned it warmly.

Where was I? Oh yes, not being able to speak Chinese well. I guess I really regret not taking Chinese seriously when I was younger.


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