The Path That Led To Nowhere

I feel literary again today! So here’s a poem because I don’t think I have enough time to write out a story.


There was a path

winding its way between two houses

more like a drain really

but there were stairs that led to it


… so it must have been a path


And it went deep into nothingness

a shadow that disappeared.

There was no end to it.

At least, not that I could see its end.


Carpeted with mould

of yellow gold and green

shadowed by a canopy of trees.


The air was still

not a soul in sight

which led me to wonder

If I’d ever come back alive


Lay forgotten a broom at a side

And forgotten was

What no one knew.

What you’d find lurking 

If you continued still


Hoping closer into the unknown

across the drain and over uneven stones

I don’t think I can go much further


Someone was killing mosquitoes

with a thick dense fog

and not wanting to be trapped forever

in the path that led to nowhere


I chickened out.


Maybe some other time then.

Hope I’ll find it again!


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