The Sky

The Sky really inspires me.

There’s just something about how it changes everyday. And when I look at it and see all the colours and textures mingle together, I just feel great! As cheesy as it sounds (though I know someone capable of making anything even cheesier), its beauty really does make everything seem brilliant. Even the dull Singaporean Landscape looks awesome with an amazing backdrop that is the sky.

It’s like the ultimate painting.

Go on, rush over to your window and take a look! I’ll wait.

See? There will always be something nice about the sky, even if it’s just plain and white because it’s going to rain. It could be that weirdly shaped cloud in the distance, or the way rain clouds are highlighted pink by the sun when they are grey. It could be the golden outline of a cumulus cloud when it shields you from the sun, or how a rainbow of colours blend out perfectly above you when the sun sets.

Right now as I look into the window beside me, I see a really clear blue sky, slightly faded like washed cloth. I’m really high up so I can sort of see the horizon, fringed by a mass of high-rise flats. There’s a mountain range really really far in the distance, probably from Malaysia but it’s just a bluish grey blur that seperates the sky from the buildings.

And floating just above the horizon are dollops of the same, bluish grey clouds, small puffs of them, just like those that come out from the trains we always see in cartoons. And the sun’s feeling shy at the moment, it’s hiding behind a thick wall of cloud that slowly disperses the higher it goes, and the very tips of this cloud are glowing a pale golden orange, thanks to the shy sun behind.

So now there are blues and whites and greys and golds, but if you look closer you would see a tinge of grapefruit pink peeking through the grey near that horizon line, it’s almost red the longer you stare at it. This tinge of pink is where the sun is. Because it can never totally hide from you if you look closely enough.

The Sky actually inspired one of the longest stories I’ve ever written. And it’s still a 64,000 words long document file on my computer just waiting to be worked on again. Thing is, I’ve not touched it in such a long time, I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue it! I’m scared of losing that whole world, and the characters that live in it. I’m sorry Ella, and Hauyne, and Covelle and Ekan for not continuing your stories. Someday I’ll come back again but just don’t leave me forever!!! Plus you guys are stuck right in the middle of an invasion by theParhelians, but don’t worry, Ella,  you’ll learn how to use the Lamina Aeris in time.

Where was I? (I literally paused here for more than 5 seconds) Yes, the Sky.

Which is now slowly fading into a dull purple, and only a streak of that orange gold is left as the sun goes down further (Or if you’re itching to correct me scientifically, YES I KNOWIT’S REALLY THE EARTH THAT’S TURNING. Satisfied now?)

Go lie in a field full of fresh, crisp grass. (But if you’re scared to death of insects well, a well-tended golf course should suffice)

It will be the best place to watch fluffy, white clouds roll lazily past above you against the azure sky.

Or you could go to the seaside and watch the sunset as it casts its kaleidoscope of colours onto the ripples of the sparkling sea.

So yes, the Sky.

Go watch it sometime.



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