Sunday Ramble.

Sundays are always so sleepy for me. Even as I type this with the sunlight filtered through the curtains beside me, I can feel the light airiness in my head,  and I just want to lie down all day. The TV outside sounds so boring, it’s almost making me sleep. The noise coming from the […]

Servant’s Heart

      Sometimes we wonder what we’re doing all of this for.   Sometimes, life seems dull, unfulfilled, so completely lacking of everything. Sometimes, don’t you find yourself thinking,  “Man, I wish I could (insert super awesome thingy here)!” or “Sigh, I wish I had (insert another super awesome thingy here)!”   Most of […]

Lost souls

They say if there is such a thing that is loved so dearly, it is given a soul. It’s like how toys are given names by young children, how they’re given roles in their own worlds. I do believe children’s toys come alive, they do! In one way or another. I knew my dog was […]


This is horrible. I’ve just realised that I can’t find my old notebook anywhere! It’s a small, black notebook I bought last year, it has pages that you can flip backwards along a blue-ring spine, kind of like those parking ticket notebooks. And it costs a dollar fifty. But it was my idea notebook that […]

Peter Pan

Second star to the right and straight off till morning! Peter pan never grows old. NEVER. That is just so cool. Being Peter would probably be the best thing ever, playing all day, flying in the clouds, exploring new places and going on great adventures. (and occasionally fighting off that one annoying pirate) I miss […]

Dreams and stuff.

I’ve always wondered where our dreams come from. It’s really cool that while we sleep, the other half of our brains (the right side, I think) goes completely bonkers and makes up all sorts of weird things.  Just this morning I woke up feeling horrible and I always wake up remembering what I dream…for about […]

Sea Shell

I once believed that you could hear the ocean if you held a seashell very tightly against your ear. It was something I was told as a child, and I always found it so very magical. How cool is that? It’s like having a piece of the ocean floor recorded just for you, in something […]