Peter Pan

Second star to the right and straight off till morning!

Peter pan never grows old. NEVER.

That is just so cool.

Being Peter would probably be the best thing ever, playing all day, flying in the clouds, exploring new places and going on great adventures. (and occasionally fighting off that one annoying pirate)

I miss playing all day.

But then again there’s so much to growing older that I’ve still yet to experience! Not that I’d want to miss out on any of that..

I remember Wendy did have the choice of staying with Peter. She could have lived in Neverland forever, but she chose to say goodbye to him, didn’t she? And she grew up, got married and had a wonderful family of her own.

I wonder if I would have chosen to go with Peter Pan instead if I were her.

But I’m sure there are other ways to remain a child forever.


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