Is Too Close A Bad Thing?



I’ve always said she looks like an owl, and she says I’m as lazy as a cat.


I’ve known my best friend for about 4 years now.

And I’m writing about this here because I’m sure none of my friends read these anyway.

We’re close, really, really close.

Too close, in fact.

What do I mean by too close? You ask. 

It’s when we don’t even try to get closer anymore. We used to talk for ages on the phone, and we could talk about anything. But now when I call her it’s even a struggle to figure out what to talk about. And it gets boring. It’s like we’ve used up our lifetime supply of ‘interesting topics to talk about’ in that short span of 4 years. We’re so close we don’t even find silences awkward at all. That’s when you know we don’t even try to make our conversations interesting. We don’t force it. 

I could say, “Last time, I used to catch ants and put them in-“

And she would cut in and say, “Yeah, you said that before.”


And this happens every time now. It’s as if she’s already heard everything she could ever hear from me. Now you may find that impossible, since no one can ever know EVERYTHING about anyone, but I can safely say she knows a lot about me – My past, and even my future (We’ve talked a lot about futures). So now we’re just left with the present to talk about.

Things to talk about the present:

1) What’s today’s homework?

2) I’m so tired

3) What are you doing now? (When I’m on the phone with her)


That’s pretty much it, and you wonder why our conversations are boring.

It’s not like I feel like I’ve lost something, no, it’s still there! It feels more like as if we and our box of things have been stuffed into a dusty corner that we hardly touch. It’s stale, but it’s still there.

Are dusty things as good as gone…?


We’re so close we don’t even try to be polite with each other. We never say please or thank you, it feels weird like that. It’s like we’re gone with formality. I don’t even know if that’s a good thing or not, but when we fail to show appreciation of each other, it gets tiring after a while because it feels as if you’re the only one giving it all. 

We’re so honest with each other that sometimes we become too blunt, and we hurt each other without even knowing it. 

It’s kinda like family, you know? When you don’t even feel the slight tinge of blood rushing to your cheeks after you’ve just farted out loud in front of everyone.

Or when you can show your true colours when you’re angry or sad, and don’t feel embarrassed at all for it.

Or an annoying big sister that disturbs you all the time and doesn’t feel guilty for it.

I guess it feels like that. We’re like family. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re really great friends, it just sounds like we’re total arch enemies just because I’m only focusing on the rainy side of our friendship in this post. There’s a whole other sunny, rainbow, unicorn-filled side that I’ve not even touched and shall do sometime on another post. There are many things I love about our friendship, it’s just that this is a teeny tiny problem. We’re really, too close.


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