This is horrible.

I’ve just realised that I can’t find my old notebook anywhere!

It’s a small, black notebook I bought last year, it has pages that you can flip backwards along a blue-ring spine, kind of like those parking ticket notebooks. And it costs a dollar fifty.

But it was my idea notebook that I carried around with me everywhere! If something came to mind for a story while I was in the bus, i’d whip it out and jot it down on the spot.

Or if I saw something beautiful I’d try and write it down in a description.

Or if I was imagining what a character would say to another in my head as I walked, and someone said something funny I’d write it down before I forget.

I finished using most of the pages one day and it became dusty for a while as I switched to using my phone as an on-the-go-notebook.

And now I have absolutely no idea where it is.

Oh notebook, can you hear my desperate heart pleading out?

I want my ideas back!

Why did you run away?! (technically I was the one who misplaced you but still!)

I feel like I’ve lost a part of my mind forever.

Like a dream that’s forgotten.

I want that notebook back.

That dusty old notebook that costs $1.50 , filled with all of my thoughts.


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