Part Of Rachel’s On-The-Go Notebook

copied from iPhone notes

They serve with empty laughter

Why, why me?
You don’t need a reason to become a hero.

It’s just that- I need proof that you’re really here, that you’re still alive!

The ferio have the power to project the worst sort of pain onto people. They can let them see their deepest, darkest fears, death of the ones they love, pain of what is lost. They lose all sense of time and being, and they eventually lose themselves in return. They would end it in death when the pain becomes to great for them to bear. It is truly the worst way one can die in Sky, surrounded by pain until the very end.

Wispy pink orange clouds against the blue sky in the morning.

Hair messed and tangled, fingers numb from the bitter cold, skirt fluttering wildly, tickling knees

This scar is proof that I didn’t try hard enough.

“What do YOU, of all people, know of pain?”

“Damn it! So You think you’re the only one in the whole damned world that has pain? Everyone has pain! It’s only a matter of how you control…what it does to you!”

Ekan can’t stand being surrounded by a lot of people, and is constantly in the shadows. His hood is always drawn over his bright copper hair, and sometimes he wears a mask to hide his bright green eyes that seem to glow in the night. It’s almost as of he was meant to be noticed, born to be someone people will remember

Ella has a friend named pillow. She talks to it everynight. It has two sewn on buttons on its face, one red and one black because she couldn’t find two matching ones. She had stitched on a smile out of black thread, and she tied a string around it so that it had a neck. It sat propped up every night and she would

We are only but another world yet to be discovered.

The ability to not notice or feel, is one I wish I had.

The things that the Earth would not hold, Sky has it all.

The way he walked was smooth, stealthy, almost like a gliding shadow.

The essence of the moon, it lets no one sleep. The people of the moonlit market drink this to keep themselves awake, as for them it is always night. The market follows the moon, kept hidden in its mysterious light.
Ekan has horrible eyebags, very pale skin from never seeing the sun much, and he hasn’t slept since he was a very young boy.

Don’t weep because he’s gone, smile because he lived

Hauyne loves showing his scars off to people

Varieting fields of gold and green. Smoke gathered from the chimneys of the houses to the forests at the bottom of the valley
The hill was carpeted with grass
The sweet smell of wild flowers made Ella sneeze

They may call you a fool, a good for nothing loser, a failure or a rotten piece of hawk meat, but you will never say that to yourself!

We grow up wanting the things we didn’t have the most

Ella lived all her life with no purpose, no reason. But now, she’s found things she wants to protect, to fight for, to live for.

Ella spent most of her life People-Watching. There was a cross roads that was only a few minutes walk from the coffee shop, and Ella would take a walk there in the afternoons when it was full of life, bustling with hurried shoppers. There was a fence that sat, quietly in a corner in between two shop houses, and was perfect as it looked right onto the centre of the crossroads. And Ella would bring with her a bag of sandwich leftovers from the day before, And she would sit on the fence and watch people. Sometimes she’d eavesdrop a little, thinking up of her own replies if as if she were talking to them. It was her favourite part of the day, the most interesting part, because she got to have a peek into the lives of other people instead.
Ella doesn’t have a motive, she just lives life day by day, dragging herself along, not knowing about her future, not having any dreams or ambition, and with no one to love.

I’ve always wanted to see what I can become.
Hauyne has a long stick of very hard bread that he slings over his shoulder in a strap. He hits one of the flying monsters with it in a desperate attempt to defend himself and realises that it can be a weapon. It has a bite taken out of it.
“There must be more than this…” Ella said to pillow, “because now, I feel like… I have nothing at all.”
You were made for more than this. There’s so much more to yourself than you can ever imagine!

His hair was a brilliant shade of copper that burned like fire, cropped short. His eyes were emeralds, clear and sharp. Ekan pulled his hood over his head, tightly, until only his nose and his pale lips showed from the shadow cast on his face once again.
“Why, you’re beautiful, Ekan!” Ella squinted her eyes, tilting her head slightly as she tried to see his face once more.
Ekan sighed and shoved her face away before turning his back on her.”You cannot be more wrong,” he said quietly.
“No I’m not, just look at you! Any stranger on the street’ll never forget you from just seeing you once!”
“And that is exactly why!” he turned around, pursing his lips, “where I come from, this… this face could cost me my life!”
Ella slumped down onto the wall and exhaled, “What kind of a horrible place is that?”
“Let us just hope you will never ever find a reason to be there.”

the prince of thieves and a cursed past

The flame looked solid, a single flower, blooming with light. It dissolved in a tender blue at the very end, the tip of the candle’s wick glowing a charred orange.

“keep your head down and don’t let your eyes wonder, you dont know what you’ll get stolen if you do.”

Moss figures that move around sluggishly, the Morigami are creatures of the forests that float about in sky, they are the guardians that protect the lands from harm, and they are one with the forests themselves


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