Lost souls

They say if there is such a thing that is loved so dearly, it is given a soul.

It’s like how toys are given names by young children, how they’re given roles in their own worlds. I do believe children’s toys come alive, they do! In one way or another.

I knew my dog was a princess.
And there was always the handsome prince who was either the cow or the horse-like animal.

Piglet would always be either the best friend or the evil side-kick.

Then there was the antagonist, sometimes I would put a beaded bracelet around a penguin’s neck and she’d be the evil, jealous other-princess who wants to steal the prince away. (I don’t know, she always did look evil to me)

I would switch on the air-con, push all the pillows off my bed, and lay my pile of soft toys onto the blanket.

Sometimes I had props too. They usually came from Barbie houses that had no Barbies. I’d turn the Barbie fridge on its side and it’d become a table. But plastic foods remained foods, I never changed those.

The first to talk would be the dog (which I still have no name for. I hardly name my soft toys, at least their names change along with whoever they come to be). And they would talk in my bedroom, all of them. Things happen and scenes change, the good princess will always win, and the evil penguin would be banished off the bed.

I’d lie on my stomach and watch them
all. Everyday something new would happen. They walked around with my hands, sometimes I became a part of their world, like how my legs became a mountain if I lay a blanket over. But I was never a part of the story, I was just watching.

I think I could do this because I had no one to play with when I was young. I was left alone with my toys in my room, and I could spend hours just sitting on my bed listening to their stories and what they had to say. I could give them lives. Souls.

I don’t know when I stopped doing that.

I remember trying again once, a long time ago, after having grown up a bit. But I knew their voices weren’t theirs anymore. They were mine. And it got boring after a while and I never did that again.


I spent some time digging through the cupboard and look what I found!! And evil penguin still has that beaded necklace! (she doesn’t seem evil to me now though) and princess still has the purple ribbon I tied onto her neck.


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