Servant’s Heart





Sometimes we wonder what we’re doing all of this for.


Sometimes, life seems dull, unfulfilled, so completely lacking of everything.

Sometimes, don’t you find yourself thinking, 

“Man, I wish I could (insert super awesome thingy here)!”


“Sigh, I wish I had (insert another super awesome thingy here)!”


Most of the time, we LIVE to find happiness. We live life wishing, wanting, finding seeking, and we always NEVER end up finding what we think we want the most.

Isn’t that what life is about? Being happy? Finding the things, the people that make you happy? I guess, this is what the world wants us to think. Well I sure can see how happy and peaceful and right the world is now! Such happiness._. Such peace._.


Is that all there is to life? Finding happiness? It sure sounds fun, skipping through life like a happy horse, and that’s the way most of us live life by.

Today I realised why I’ve been feeling so completely unsatisfied with a lot of things. I’ve started drifting off to ME-ALONE-AND-ONLY-MYSELF island. (NOOOOOOOOOOO) And let me tell you, my dear friends, that THAT is not one place anyone wants to be in. Well, at least, if you don’t see why it’s such a bad place try living there for a while! Go on, I’ll wait. You’ll see why it is in a few weeks time. I hope. Because some people never realize that their entire lives.

I’ve been receiving so many wonderful things these past few days, i’ve been floating around in the sea of happiness, the world of rainbow-farting-unicorns so much that I think I forgot the giving part of the receiving. And when I start drifting away, slowly, back into reality, I feel that craving for rainbow-farting-unicorns again. And I start chasing this sea again, hunting down these Unicorns (that gallop away at incredible speeds I’m telling you).

Happiness doesn’t last. It comes and goes. And that’s VERY easy to forget sometimes. Because when you’re right in the middle of a happy season, you feel as if it’s going to last forever. Well, you’re going to be right up for a rude shock when it says goodbye all of a sudden. 

It’s high time I woke up.

So you might tell me, Oh no, Rachel, I’m not that selfish, I don’t exactly wake up every day thinking, “Now how can I make myself happier today??”.

See, happiness comes in so many different disguises.


Good grades.

Having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

Getting Money.

Finding an awesome Job. 


There you go, I’ve just listed down a list of what everyone’s always after all the time. 

When you spend your life chasing happiness, happiness doesn’t always come chasing after you. And yet, here I was, out with my unicorn-hunting-net running so desperately and getting really breathless from all that chasing. I know, EVERYONE, say it with me!


Stupid, Stupid Rachel. 


It’s all about having a servant’s heart. Instead of waking up in the morning thinking of how to be happier, I think it’ll be a hell more productive thinking:

How can I make someone happier today?

It’s kinda amazing how God made it in such a way that happiness is something that only comes to you when you aren’t seeking out for it. It comes to you when you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of someone else. Being a servant. It’s something you have to lose, in order to gain. (But helping others just for the sake of gaining your own happiness…well, I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way!)

So now you ask me, “How am I supposed to feel happy when someone else feels happiness, in exchange of my own?”

That, good sir/lady, is why Love exists. The action Love, not the feeling Love. Love doesn’t always feel awesome all the time, you know. You love someone by doing things not for the sake of your own happiness, but sacrificing it for the other’s.

You love someone by pledging to serve the other.

By having a servant’s heart:D

And that’s where you’ll find the happiness that you AREN’T looking for!



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