Sunday Ramble.

I don’t know why I keep putting up pictures of sleepy animals

Sundays are always so sleepy for me.

Even as I type this with the sunlight filtered through the curtains beside me, I can feel the light airiness in my head,  and I just want to lie down all day.

The TV outside sounds so boring, it’s almost making me sleep. The noise coming from the kitchen, as my grandmother fiddles around with pots and pans, does that too. 

I took a nice walk with my grandmother for some grocery shopping. She wore this bright orange dress with flower prints. And as I held her hand I realised how much I’ve grown. I had to tilt slightly into a hunch just so to hold her hand comfortably. 

Everything seems so much more pretty today. I think it’s because I spent the entire day at home in my room, and going out was such a nice, fresh feeling. The sunlight made it prettier too, it’s almost the magic hour, but not quite yet. Just almost.

What do you do when you think? Where does your mind usually wonder off to?

My mind likes to replay things in my head, nice memories, and not-so-nice memories too. Sometimes it goes into the future, and I thought a lot about the future in the past. But I’ve learnt to not think too much into the future, because it’s really easy to get disappointed when you do. I hardly think about the future now. I try not to. Sometimes I do because I can’t help but want to imagine all the happy things that could happen. ‘Could’ is the key word. 

I’m very content with my present happy memories. So I don’t mind just dwelling in them. I think I replay them too much. It’s like how I’ve re-watched my favourite Studio Ghibli movie, ‘The Cat Returns’ like 10 times now. I really like that movie.

I feel like going to the sea side. It’s just a sudden thought. I like the sea breeze when it plays with your hair. Oh and swimming, I feel like swimming now.

Next time you go swimming, try this: Hold your nose really tightly and go all the way down. Sink right to the bottom and roll over until your face is facing the water surface. The world above the water will look so magical, it’ll feel as if it’s another completely different dimension, distorted by the water ripples and the bubbles escaping from your mouth. Slowly, as you rise back up, raise your arm so that your fingers barely touch the underneath of the surface of the water, and let you arm go through it gradually as you rise. It feels as if you’re entering some portal into that other dimension. I always did that when I was younger. Besides pretending to be a mermaid and swimming like as if I had conjoined legs and feet.

The wind rushing through my window now feels like it came from the sea, it sounds like the sea. And it tickles.

If you feel like dreaming, listen to this!

Castle In the Sky Theme Song

When I listen to songs from Studio Ghibli movies, I just want to dream and dream and dream. And it also feels as if you’re in some big adventure!

I find it amazing how some songs can completely change your mood, or give you the feeling of something.

This song feels like a lonely bus ride in the rain:

You Already Know

And this one feels like a sunny cycle down a dirt road and you’re lifting out your hand into the rushing wind:

Pocketful of Poetry

This feels like a slow-motion film with all my memories in it:

Nothing Like You And I

And this song reminds me of dreams at night, and the night sky and finally falling asleep:

Shadow Children


P.S. Sorry for rambling on and on and on. And switching topics. A certain Walrus told me it was annoying. If you’re reading this now, well, Bleh. 


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