One more week. Just one more.

This is probably going to be the toughest week of the year. And I’m not just going to be tested and how much brain juice I have for this Month’s O levels. There are much harder tests than that I think. Like how I’m being put to the test on my discipline and perseverance skills. […]

Feather in the wind

I’m a feather in the wind And fate plays my game Don’t know where the leaves are blowing Would I get stuck somewhere? I’m a feather in the wind I see the sky so blue above me I soar through the air The sun rays give me company I’m a feather in the wind Soaring […]

Graduation Day!

I never would’ve thought that my final year would be the best year ever for me! I expected it to be absolute hell, since this year’s the dreaded O level year and all. I thought I’d spend the entire year buried in my room like a hermit crab with absolutely no life at all. I’m […]