Graduation Day!

I never would’ve thought that my final year would be the best year ever for me!

I expected it to be absolute hell, since this year’s the dreaded O level year and all. I thought I’d spend the entire year buried in my room like a hermit crab with absolutely no life at all.

I’m glad I was wrong. I was REALLY wrong!

I made some effort to get out of bed a little earlier today. I woke up to my alarm, said the usual, “OKAY I’ll just sleep for another 5 more minutes!” but I immediately dismissed that thought when it came to me all of a sudden that this would be the very last time I’d have to wake up this early for school.


I played some emo music on the bus ride to school.

And as I entered the class, my lovely, awesome class, I felt this warmth like I always did every day. I can never fully express how blessed I feel to be in 402. Really! Every time I think about it I feel so lucky being able to chance upon getting placed into class four oh toooo! Everyone is so nice and friendly, laid-back and funny. Yeah we do have popular people but we never have people who are unpopular! If that makes sense. Although we may not be the most crazy/cool/hyper class, I think it’s how everyone sees everyone as equals that makes it feel so much like we belong.

I’ll miss our class a lot. The environment, the fun and the love. I sound so formal now I just realised. 


I don’t think I’ll ever get to be in a class like that anymore. I remembered there was a point in time today when I just stood at my seat like a dumb-stricken statue for a few minutes, taking in everything. The chatter, the laughter, everyone at their desks writing farewell notes and signing autographs. I wish I’d treasured it more while I could.  

I’ll miss being able to hang out with my friends everyday. I really will. 

I’ll miss seeing these familiar faces everyday.

My last day in school was the best day in school. I never left the school feeling so light-hearted like I did today! 


I really like how people say it’s time for the next chapter of your life. This one’s ending really soon. Isn’t that cool? My life’s like some story book! I’ll flip slowly to the next page with anticipation and excitement. Really, REALLY slowly. I’m still enjoying that last sentence:)


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