I tried finding pictures of masks but they were all scary so here’s a picture of a cute sad dog instead._. I think we all have masks. It’s just something we all learn to make for ourselves as we grow up. Sometimes to protect ourselves, sometimes to hide ourselves, and sometimes we have […]

Dream log #4

I was in the living room with two of my friends in my house. But the living room was sort of my living room but…not quite. I was telling them about how hard macarons were to bake. “You can’t overfold the meringue cookie mix!” “And the colour will fade while baking so we have to […]

To My One And Only Walrus

I don’t really know when I first started noticing you. But I think it was that time when we went to Sizzeria with our cell group in that Bukit Timah place. On the way as we walked, I remember asking you what you were afraid of, and you said you were terrified of bees. And […]

That other world

A year ago, I could stare up to the sky and see airships and sphynixes and cities that hovered admist puffs of clouds and rolling waves of stars in the sky. Or maybe even catch a glimpse of a few brave heroes racing past pillars of clouds that tower up to the sky like giants. […]

Song for you – by Alexi Murdoch

It’s only when I really listened carefully to this that I found out how beautiful and raw the lyrics were to this song. I don’t think any song can ever describe what it feels like so well. But I don’t think this is the best song to listen to when you’re already crying your guts […]