That other world

A year ago, I could stare up to the sky and see airships and sphynixes and cities that hovered admist puffs of clouds and rolling waves of stars in the sky.
Or maybe even catch a glimpse of a few brave heroes racing past pillars of clouds that tower up to the sky like giants.

Now it’s really hard to see these things, hear them talk, plan out their next adventures.

I want to go back to that world again so, so much. I miss being able to see these things that had always filled up the back of my head wherever I went. Yeah, sometimes a little alone time is good.

It feels like that world has left me behind. Maybe it’s moved on. Or maybe I’ve moved on. I just don’t want this to be some part of a childhood fantasy that doesn’t ever come back again!

Last week I went on a cycling trip, now, I don’t cycle to stay healthy really. I cycle to talk to myself, you know, a little alone time for just me and my brain. But sometimes I talk to God too, so I’m not all completely alone.

I have something to confess.

I’m a bit of a nut-case.

See, I literally just talk out loud when no one’s around. I whizz around empty roads on my bike and the wind that rushes by usually blocks out my voice so I hope no one hears me. Last week I imagined Hauyne (who’s from that world) sitting behind me on my bike, and we caught up on a lot of things. He called me an idiot and an arsehole for forgetting about everyone, and also swore at me for racing down this really steep hill and hurting his bum. I told him other things I can’t really put here on a public platform too but he didn’t really comment much about them besides telling me that it’s my own fault. And insulting me more._.

He has about the mental age of a thirteen year old, always crude and impolite and perhaps a little on the arrogant side, but when it comes down to helping people, he grows up a little and becomes the hero that he always saw his hunter of a dad to be.

I think you’re judging me already for being a complete nut case but rest assured I’m pmuch saner when I’m with other people, well at least I hope I am. I really like talking to Hauyne he’s one of my favourite characters.

Or you may think I’ve just got a sad, sad case of the lonely bug, making up friends for myself who aren’t even real. (ouch, you’ve hurt my childish dreams)

YES I HAVE MAKE BELIEVE FRIENDS NOW QUIT IT. I’ve ignored them for so so long I feel so sad. Well, I did learn a lot about myself from my adventures with them so it’s good.

Don’t ask me why I always talk to them in accents I just can’t see them being Singaporean. It’s British most of the time.


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