Dream log #4


I was in the living room with two of my friends in my house. But the living room was sort of my living room but…not quite. I was telling them about how hard macarons were to bake.

“You can’t overfold the meringue cookie mix!”
“And the colour will fade while baking so we have to add a little more colour to it”
“The egg whites should peak sharply and not droop, plus we have to wait until a thin crust forms on the cookie, which will take about half an hour to one.”

I said.

And then the lady from the YouTube video I was watching suddenly walked into the room and smiled at me, as if pleased I had listened and studied her instructions wisely. And I felt so proud of myself. Then she asked for a photograph with us and we took a few photos as a paparazzi-like hoard of photographers came swarming in with their bulbs flashing and cameras shuttering away.

Then random strangers walked past (I doubt we were still in my living room) and wanted a photo but they were shooed away.

And suddenly I’m walking down some city, orchard-road like street, I think we were shopping for a dress for one of my friends for prom. And we spotted Heidi klum walking into a shop. She was really tall and tan and had really shiny long legs and was wearing this short, white dress and had short hair that was sleek and straight.
I cried out, “hey that’s Heidi klum! You know that famous model! That shop must be good lets follow her.”
Do we trailed after her into the shop.
But they only sold makeup stuff.

And then I woke up, and realised I was late because I’m supposed to be baking macarons today with my friends._.


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