Last day.

I didn’t think I spent my last day in 2013 with much gusto or anything.. It wasn’t a big crazy day with loads happening like I would have expected it would.. (Actually I didn’t expect anything) This year’s the first time I’m going to be attending watch night service, and I really wanted to go […]

This year

Next year is two days away. It is definitely not at all how I imagined it would have been. And now it’s just plain scary. This year has led me to learn loads of things. I think a little reflection should be good since I’m starting to feel a little negative again (THIS is also […]


I should really stop wallowing in self pity and just let it go. And I should really STOP listening to sad Korean drama OSTs when I’m sad to make me even more sad!! I think sometimes… I don’t even try to make myself happier. It’s almost as if I don’t want to, letting myself go […]

Stone Cold

I should try remembering what this pain feels like so that in the future I can understand others the same way. Pain gives me compassion. That’s me trying my best to think of this as positively as I can. Here’s what it feels like: Sometimes, maybe a heart of stone is better. It’s easy ignoring […]