Last day.


I didn’t think I spent my last day in 2013 with much gusto or anything.. It wasn’t a big crazy day with loads happening like I would have expected it would.. (Actually I didn’t expect anything)

This year’s the first time I’m going to be attending watch night service, and I really wanted to go this year because I wanted to move on to next year unafraid. I don’t want to be scared when the clock strikes midnight. I don’t want to be alone. (I know God’s omnipotent and he’s everywhere, but it’s just a different feeling when you make the effort to seek him in church!)

Already I sense a feeling of anticipation.. And this doesn’t happen very often for me on the last day of the year. I’m usually just chilling out on the sofa watching the fireworks, I don’t actually feel any difference between one year and another. This time though, I know next year’s gonna be a really different year for me. And not in a comfortable way. I know I’m going to face loads and loads of trials, I know many things will change, I know I might change too..

Can you feel next year coming? It’s coming like a slow wave in the distance that only speeds up the closer and closer it gets.

Are you shaking your legs? Shake Shake Shake.

I am._.


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