Perfect timing

Something I’ve learned from watching ‘touched by an angel’, is that there’s never a “too late” or “too early” situation in our lives. There’s always a reason for why some things happen and some things don’t. It may take a week for me to find out, or maybe even a year, ten years, or maybe […]

Dream log #7

There’s this woman, an European woman who had ginger hair. Let’s call her Betty because she looked like a Betty. I don’t know what I was doing there, I think I was helping out with her father’s funeral. And her father was the kind of dumpy man that looked like a little dwarf, with long […]

Dream Log #6

I’m yelling at a child, in front of her playmates. She’s not even crying, she’s just smirking and not listening at all. She’s got attitude alright, the kind that just asks people for slaps. Her parents have given up on her, and I’m yelling at her to listen to me and the attitude that she […]

Daily resolution part 2

4) To thank God for everything Even if it’s a little rocky now from time to time… Even if things don’t go as I’d like to. It’s something I didn’t really think much about last year. Having a thankful heart sure is tough. But sometimes I just wake up feeling great thinking of everything that […]


I’ve never felt so much in such a long time. Anger. More of hate really. Anger’s good for some things. But hate is never good. And this isn’t good at all. I can feel my entire body shaking, my hands quivering so much I can’t hold anything properly. I can’t breathe, and I hear my […]

Dream Log #5

  I’m in this desert.  With rolling hills of orange sand, rippled with the wind. I’m with this bunch of teenagers like me, and I’m riding on this scooter, shooting down a sand road. There are other people racing beside me, but instead of a scooter, they’ve got those small, toy cars that kids can […]


Everyone’s saying so many different things. So many expectations, and they feel like weights tying me down. I can’t think clearly with all these voices in my head. But I am reminded that the one voice that matters is God’s voice.   I do worry about where He’s leading me. I need to stop worrying […]

Dear God,

You’ll hold me by the hand won’t you? You’ll guide me through the year. I am lost without you. I am nothing without you. I mean nothing without you. I want to follow you! I want to hold your hand as you lead me. I don’t want to let go, ever. Why did I let […]