First Day.

Happy Dog. Happy New Year’s!

I won’t be titling this “MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS” because these are notorious for being everyone’s failures in life. I just read this tweet, yesterday “Great, now I only have one day left to completing 99.99% of 2013 new year resolutions” I found it pretty hilarious, I don’t know if you do too._.

I guess it speaks to a lot of us… I mean, why don’t we ever stick to the resolves that we make on new year’s day? It’s probably because most of us don’t realise that we can’t resolve to do something on just one day when we feel confident about ourselves with a fresh start.

It’s something we have to decide everyday.

First thing in the morning when we wake up.

“I’m going to be positive today.”

“I’m going to do my quiet time at 10:30am today.”

“I’m going to help others in need when I see anyone today.”

Something like that.

I’m not saying that it’s bad to make new year resolutions, nonononono, I’m just sharing something I was reminded of. That commitments are made everyday, every second. It doesn’t just happen once a year, or twice. Humans don’t have that Godly capacity to remain faithful throughout… we fail. But the best we can do is the best that we can do.

Commitments are a conscious decision that’s a part of our everyday lives. (I think marriage commitments should be given more attention than just once in a couple’s life too)

And on that note, here’s to my DAILY RESOLUTION FOR 2014!

1) To be an encourager

I’ll be in a leadership position next year, and it’s easy for me to demand so much from the people I’m leading that I forget to encourage them. I don’t want to be a numb and insensitive person to people! I want to be the total opposite of that. There was a verse I came across when I was doing a ‘Daily Bread roulette’, you know, when you flip to some random page of the Daily Bread and start reading it (hehe), and it was Philippians 4:18

“…They are a sweet-smelling sacrifice that is acceptable and pleasing to God.” in which ‘They’ refers to the encouragement the Philippians gave to Paul, in the form of financial help, kindness and gifts. YEAH! encouragement is a sacrifice to God! Because at times, encouragement is hard to give out when you’re not in the mood for it, and it’s a sacrifice, to sacrifice our selfisness for the sake of others.

2) To be humble

There are a lot of things that I have to do when it comes to being humble. Humility can pretty much CHANGE YOUR LIFE. In the way you serve, in the way you interact with people, in the work that we do everyday… and more. Pastor Joey said that being humble wasn’t so much of thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself… less. Pretty cool! This is also something that would very much help me in my leadership position. Rather of thinking too highly of myself and thinking things like, “Oh I can do so much better in that other job,” or “Man, why do I even have to do this?”, I should be adopting a humble attitude towards serving and thinking things more like, “How can I serve to the best of my abilities today?” and “What went wrong today? I must learn from my mistakes.”

And yes it’s time for bible verse roulette again, this time, I really chanced upon it randomly. BUT WAIT- things are never random, there’s always a will and a purpose to things, so I believe it wasn’t by chance I came across this.

1 Peter 5:6 “So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honour.” Yeah, God wanting you to be humble doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to honour you, he does!

3)  Power of Prayer

To pray more, means to show trust and faith in God more. It means surrendering all and letting him know everything in your life. (Even  though he knows it already just that we’ve got to make a conscious effort to reach him too!)

I want to pray in the mornings to commit my day to him and to do my quiet time in the night to reflect on the day and what I’ve learned.

This, I think, is the hardest of them all because it requires DISCIPLINE (Oh no! I hear a resounding cheer from the audience)

I guess this is all for now, I’ll add on to this list when God nudges my heart on what else to add on to it throughout the year.


See here, we are all bound to fail at some point of time so don’t be too hard on yourself when you do. Instead, let’s try to focus on how God’s going to pick us up and put us back together to keep moving forward! Learn from our mistakes.

Pastor Joey said too, We can never give the best, but we can always try our best!

Try is the key word. Try.

Who am I to preach about trying, really, I’ve always had this one person tell me to try and I always just give him excuses in return >.<

But anyway, Try. I’ll try too, together with you.

If you’re also gonna do this DAILY RESOLUTION thing with me, why not save the list in your phone? or write it down? Someplace where you’ll see it everyday.




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