You’ll try

For my friend who is in pain:

We are just people living in an empty shell
They don’t know you anymore
They don’t hear you anymore

But you’ll try and try to not tear parts of it again
You’ll clench your fists until they bleed
You’ll grit your teeth and then You’ll have

Nothing to lose

This feels like a game

And when You’re feeling dry inside
You know who to turn to and everything will be alright
God will help make you strong enough to fight

these feelings flooding into your mind

You knew this would come too soon
so why does it feel strange again?

You know
You know you haven’t done enough
To change
Anything at all

you wish this would all just go away
But wishing doesn’t really have a place in here anyway

It’s not something a knife or leap would take in its stead
You have to live to know that life’s not as dead
as you think

Then you find the coldest place on Earth
It’s hard to find warmth anymore in you

You take these miracle moons and they lift you for a while
And then you find yourself crashing all the way back down
You don’t know what they do anymore

You can hear your tears sink into your pillow again
And again
One by one
you try to catch them with your empty hands

Try to live then you will see the purpose of your tears
They may be sprinkled in your garden
You’ll watch some flowers grow

Look up to the sky don’t see the shadow clouds
Look up to the sky
See the sunlight
See yourself


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