Everyone’s saying so many different things.

So many expectations, and they feel like weights tying me down. I can’t think clearly with all these voices in my head.

But I am reminded that the one voice that matters is God’s voice.


I do worry about where He’s leading me. I need to stop worrying and start trusting. Easier to say (type) than do, really. 

Part of me is going with this because it’ll be too fickle to just back out now, and that’s making it even worse. 


So let’s start with a fresh canvas.

What do I want to paint?

I want to paint something with meaning. Not just paint with expensive paint (like…hmmm.. crushed gold and sapphire and diamonds maybe), not just something that’s worth a lot of money. I want to paint something that inspires other people to paint their own great paintings. 

I can’t worry about things like money and if I’m able to feed myself. Again, I need SUPER BIG faith!

Faith huh… faith in the things I can’t see. 

I don’t know why I’m always so troubled all the time. Okay I think I know now. Stop RACHEL. Just stop it. Stop. don’t let all these get to you! focus on the voice that matters most. Everything is all in His will.


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